Moo's Musing is Moving

I have some really exciting news! Moo's Musing officially has its own domain!! Yay!! I have been working on this redesign and styling for quiet sometime, and am really excited for the way it came out. 

However, since the url for this blog is different if you do follow along make sure you are checking the right url now. Just simply take the .blogspot out. I am really excited for what is to come for my blog. Please click over to  and check it out! 

Mother's Day Cards Printables

Mother's Day is right around the corner guys! Like literally it is tomorrow. So I wanted to help y'all out and create a free printable card for you guys! There's two different options in the PDF and the inside is blank so that way you can write your sweet little sayings telling your mother how wonderful she is! To download the cards just click here

If you decided to use them I would love it see it! You can tag me on instagram or twitter!

First Day As An Intern

Yesterday was my first day of my summer internship. I am interning for Lauren at Details Beyond Design. She creates invitations or stationary for people. Getting this internship was something I was so excited about! It was such a blessing, and I am so excited to learn from her.

Since this internship is for a small business I don't have to dress up too much. This is the outfit I choose to wear. I wanted to be professional and still comfortable. I also wanted to be able to layer a cardigan or sweater since I tend to always get cold! This outfit worked perfectly for all of my intern needs, and my first day was glorious! 

Shirt: Old
Jeans: Hollister
Cardigan: Lux
Boots: Lux

Inspiration for May

1. FOR MY EXCITEMENT because I am determined to go to sea world this month.
2. FOR CHANGE because it is excited.
3. FOR MY KITTY because now that I am on summer I get to spend so much more time with him.
4. FOR ALL THE DRIVING because I am back to semi long distance and that drive will be happening frequently.
5. FOR FLOWERS because it is almost peony season and that makes me happy.

When Things Come To An End

Today is officially my last shift working for Community Life at my school. I will clock out, turn in my key, and that will be it. All of these facts have me feeling quiet nostalgic. Working for this office for the last 2 years has made such a huge impact on me. My college experience would be extremely different if I had not gotten accepted into student leadership. I know that once I graduate I will look back at college and mostly see my time spent planning events, and being apart of this family. And that's really what my bosses and the other interns I worked with has become. A family. 

I am really sad to see this time in my life end. Especially since I am not exactly sure what God has for me next. Because of that it seems just a little harder to leave and makes me a little more sad. A stage of my life is ending and yet one isn't quiet beginning yet. I am doing my best to trust God and know that he has a plan. He knows I need a job and he is going to bring the perfect one for me for the next stage of life that I am going to enter. 

So here's to the amazing times that Community Life brought me. The friends and loved ones that I will never forget. They have all influenced my life in one way or another. I will miss working with this office so much, and I promise that I will come to the events you plan next year.

Colored Blazer

I would first like to start out this post apologizing for my absence here on the blog. My junior year is coming to an end and it has been so busy! I have been busy living life, and I promise to do an update soon! 

Anyway this is the last outfit post that I did with Ashley. Colored Blazers are serious so great in my opinion! Especially when you work in an office where dressing up is a must. I tend to always think of business clothes as neutral colors. However, adding a pop of color like this can be so fun! It really allows a person to show their personality while still looking professional.
Blazer: Express
Shirt: Nordstrom
Necklace: Nordstrom
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here and here)

Blue Lace Dress

Here's another fun outfit from my shoot with Ashley! This dress is from Forever 21, and I never would have thought to pair it with a cardigan like this one. Once Ashley told me she wanted me to wear it too and I saw it on I totally had a different feeling about this cardigan.

Also can we talk about this random little field. My parents took Michael and I on a bike ride a few weeks ago and we discovered this field behind my house. It's so cute! There's all these random trees and stumps. It was a fun little shoot.
Photography by: Ashley Lopez
Dress: Forever 21 (similar)
Cardigan: Thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Ross