May Your Friday Sparkle!

Dear Friday, You are much needed. I am so happy that this week is over! It's the weekend and I could not be more pumped!

Dear Weekend, I have no idea what you have in store for me. Yet, I really hope I enjoy myself! 

Dear Midterms, I despise you. Also, one of you missed the memo that midterms were this week. Next week is not midterm week. I think that should mean that I do not have to take you!

Dear Weather, Thank you for the rain!! It is wonderful, and we really needed it! 

Dear Mind, Mouth, and Heart, Will we ever learn to just shut up? This is something that I seriously could have learned like when I was much younger and it would have saved me a lot of arguments. Apparently it is something I still cannot get right. 

Dear Birthday, 15 days!! AH! I am almost 20. 20! It is so weird! I'm started to get excited!

More Than Just A Pretty Face

When I started looking for a quote for this post I was searching for something about being more than just a pretty face. Yet, as I searched I started thinking what does that mean? What does being more than a pretty face mean? We all want to be loved for more than our face and body yet where does this come from?

This idea of being more than a pretty face has been something on my mind recently. As I grew up being beautiful meant more than looking good, having the best clothes, or wearing tons of make up. My parents taught my sister and I from a young age that our confidence and beauty came from Christ and Him alone. Being beautiful stems from the inside out. As cliche as that sounds it really is true. Beauty must come from the heart. No one wants a pretty girl that is mean.

Yet, how often does the world we live in portray something different? How often do we see magazines talking about working out, or being simply "pretty?" Now I of all people appreciate prettiness. I like to look at pretty pictures, I love nice clothes, and working with photography a pretty girl is obviously more desirable. I see nothing wrong with any of this to an extent. I mean we as humans are drawn to pretty.

Where's the line though? I mean if a girl is pretty and has the confidence she must have in Christ why is it that the world around her still just simply seeing her pretty face? Why does it seem to be that we teach the girls to be more than her face and body, yet we stop teaching the boys to love more than a pretty face. When did we stop realizing that being pretty, cute, beautiful, hot, or gorgeous can come from the fact that you laugh with your hands, refuse to drink coffee, stay up late to read your favorite books, or can't handle a scary movie?

So my challenge is obviously for every woman to find her confidence in Christ. Christian woman have probably heard this challenge many times before. Yet, I want to take it a step further! Be confident, and beautiful! Don't just settle for being a pretty girl with a hot body. If you feel the need to strive for those things than that's between the Lord and you. However, find someone who appreciates your odd quirks, and adorable talents. Wait for someone who sees things you didn't even see in yourself. Let someone memorize you. 

That just doesn't seem to much to ask to me. It shouldn't be so rare for men to watch the way a woman lives each day. Wait for that ladies and men strive to love a woman that way.

Another Monday, Another Week Ahead

Another Monday people! Another week gone and another week ahead. One more week closer to spring break and one more week closer to summer break!

The weather here in Southern California has been beautiful and this weekend was no exception! I wanted to be outside all day! 

Saturday was my best friend's, Kristen, bridal shower! It was beautiful and so much fun! In just 2 weeks she will be a Mrs! I am so excited for her.

Saturday night my sister and I had some friends over and we went out to dinner, and just hung out. 

Sunday was full of homework...gross I know! My midterms are this week and next so studying is at an all time high! By 5:00 both my sister and I were sick of the piles of economics and anthropology that we needed a break. It has been about a month since I had been to Disneyland and I was going through withdrawals!! It was so nice to be able to just go for a few hours last night. I rather enjoyed myself!

How was your weekend? Is it midterm time for you yet?

Friday's Letters

Dear Weekend, I have so much to do this weekend! Something tells me that you are not going to be very relaxing. 

Dear Kristen, After this weekend there is only 2 more weeks until you are married. I cannot believe it and I am so excited for you! AH! You are going to be a Mrs.!

Dear heart and mind, Can you make some choices for me please? I would really appreciate it. It would make my life a lot easier!

Dear Spring Break, I would really appreciate it if we could have some plans for the week. It's my birthday week, and I would actually like to do something. 

Oh How He Loves Us

How He Loves by the David Crowder Band is one of my favorite worship songs. The words to me are really relevant. I think it is something that each person can relate to in a different way. Each person feels God's love in such a different way. Yet, we all really do drown in his grace. 

He is jealous for me. Someone is jealous for me. Christ wants my attention. He wants my love. He is jealous for me. He wants to consume my thoughts, and my life. Have you ever just thought about that? God is jealous for us. He wants everything. 

How great Your affections are for me. God is affectionate to us. That's it. He is affectionate to us. Do we even understand that? Can we fully understand that? How much God completely and utterly loves us?

Oh, how He loves us,
Oh, how He loves us,
Oh, how He loves.

I encourage you to soak this in. Pray, and ask God to show you how to feel His love. To understand what it is like to utterly love someone like He has loved us.

January Favorites

I know...It is February 18...Wayyy past the time for January Favorites. However, I did have this post planned life has just been way to busy for it to get up here on the blog. Please forgive me! These products are still my favorites, and I am completely still loving them! So here we go!

1. Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Shampoo and Conditioner  I have heard so many good things about this stuff all over the internet I just had to try it for myself! I don't use it every day, but probably about 2 or 3 times a week. AND IT WORKS! I can completely see a difference in my hair. It feels longer! I don't know what the magic of this stuff is, but if you are trying to grow your hair out I completely recommend it!

2. Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Starter Kit I have had problems with acne for awhile now, and I refused to try proactive. Absolutely refused! I heard about this stuff, and they have a money back guarantee so I considered trying it. My mom got it for me for Christmas, and it is another miracle worker! I saw a difference in a week. It was awesome to actually see the products working on my face. I used up my starter kit, and actually bought the starter kit a second time. When I ran out I immediately broke back out which really proved to me that this stuff was working.

3. Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick I have the shade Bulletproof Beige. I have actually had this stick for a couple months now it was just last month that I really started to use it. It took me awhile to figure out how I liked using this product, but now I love it! I have used it as a base, or a crease color. I find that I don't really like it as a highlight. However, it does stay on very well!

4. Mac Lipstick This is the shade Retro. I literally love this! This is the first and only mac product I own. Yet, I love it! The shade fits me so well, and I can wear it as fancy or just day to day. I just love it!

What are some products you are loving right now? Any suggestions of products for me to try? Have you tried any of these products?

Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Pretties! Another week is ahead of us. Another week closer to being done with school. This weather that we have had here in Southern California is a huge tease for summer!

This weekend was really enjoyable to me! I had a lot of fun! 

Friday was Valentine's Day. I had school and work, but I still enjoyed myself! Friday night I was taken out to the beach and dinner by a friend. It was nice and fun!

Saturday morning was craft day! It was so fun to get stuff ready for Kristen's wedding! It's almost here!

That night I went to the friend's house who took me to dinner. We played basketball, babysat his sister, and watched the movie About Time, which I loved! It was a super fun evening! I had a blast!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I slept in, watched church online, did some homework, and hung out with my parents. 

I had a pretty great weekend! Now onto school. How was your weekend? 

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Beauties! This holiday is one that I enjoy. Single, just friends, dating, I really enjoy this day! I love seeing everyone dress all cute with red and pinks. Not to mention my mom and dad work at a school so all the Valentine goodies they come home with is so fun! 

I do have plans for the night, although I am not sure what they are yet! Here's the outfit that I picked out for the day! The high in Southern California today is 84. Needless to say we are not experiencing this winter vortex. My mom came home with these tights for me the other day and I love the color!! 

I also could not help but play with glitter. Today is full of hearts and love so a hopeless romantic like me needed to add some sparkle!

Do you have any special plans for the day? A night at home, movies, a night out? I would love to hear!

cardigan: Target
tank top: Forever 21
skirt:Forever 21
tights: Target
leg warmers: Forever 21
boots: Shop in local mall

I'm Just People Watchin'

I choose this picture for a few reasons. One, this girl is really pretty (my sister would laugh at me right about now). Two, who would not want to sit at a coffee shop and just look out the window? I know I would! I love to people watch. At the moment I am sitting outside on the patio of my school. In about 20 minutes class will get out again and a swarm of students will start to flood past. Each one of them headed to a destination. Class, dorms, the Caf. Who knows where they are going, or what they have already had to deal with this morning. 

People are not my strong suit. I am not always friendly, and I do not always talk to people. Yet, I have a serious love to watch them and figure them out. It is so fascinating to me how each person has a different story. Each person is at that place for a different reason. Each person drinks their coffee or tea just a bit different and for different reasons. There's a story behind why the creamer goes in first, or why they walk with their hands in their pockets. Behind every simple habit is a person who helped them form it. 

It is all so interesting to me! I could sit on a bench or at a cafe for hours just watching people. Trying to come up with a story in my head of where they came from, what their life is like, and why they are there. Maybe that's a little weird, but I love to sit and observe. 

Do you people watch? Do you enjoy just sitting around and watching crowds?

Day By Day

The future is something that seems to be talked about a lot in college, and even more in every day life. This morning at my staff meeting we were asked the question "What is God showing you, or what have you been thankful for recently?" My answer was His presence (but thats a completely different topic then what I want to discuss right now.) Most of my co workers answered that God has been showing them contentment in their future.

I know that as a college kid I constantly get asked "What are you going to do with your degree?" This question is maybe just phrased differently for different stages of peoples lives. Whether it be "What colleges have you applied to?" "When are you going to get married?" "What does your significant other going to do?" "When will you have kids?" Each question may relate to someone. Yet, each question just makes us worry about the future.

I am completely guilty of this! I am a huge planner (most of you should know this if you are a regular around these parts). I constantly think about what I am doing next weekend, for my birthday, spring break, summer, fall classes. All future activities. Lately, God has been teaching me that we aren't promised tomorrow, and we do not know what the future holds. We literally must take it day by day. The question for someone like me is how do I find that balance then?

Each and everyone of us must learn to find the balance of planning for the future, and yet just enjoying the now. Some of us learn this faster than others. For me this isn't an easy task, but God's been helping me through it. I am utterly enjoying each conversation, person, friendship, assignment, and activity that He throws my way. I'm realizing that by doing this and enjoying the process joy comes with it! I actually enjoy school and friendships, and that is a joy that only he can give. Which is a huge blessing! 

Are you learning to trust God with your future? What has God been showing you lately?

A Weekend Of School Activities

 Happy Monday Friends!! How are you today? Today I am not going to complain that it is Monday! I just must get through the week!

This weekend was really fun for me! Full of school activities! Friday night I went to an event here at CBU called Woofest. It is pretty much an all male talent show. The male Resident  Advisers put it on. Guys sing, dance, and do card tricks. Then at the very end all the RA's get up and preform together. It was so fun! Seriously so entertaining to see guys get up on a stage and preform! I really enjoyed myself!

Saturday I got to just relax around the house with my family, and then that night I went to a basketball game. CBU played our rivals APU. It was such an intense game! We won 74 to 55.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day! I went out to lunch with a friend, ran errands, and hung out at home. 

How was your weekend? Go anywhere adventurous? 

Just A Few More Hours

Dear Week, I am thoroughly over joyed that you are over with. This week has been so stressful and busy! However, I can honestly say it wasn't has bad as I thought it was when I was going through it. I was really busy, but I had fun. 

Dear Weekend, This basketball game at school tomorrow is going to be awesome! I really hope my school wins!

Dear Design Program, You are kicking my butt! I have had to work on 3 different projects this week, which really doesn't seem like a lot. However, I was so stressed out! Hopefully it gets easier as time goes on.

Writers Block and Randomness


Well I don't have a post planned....but I liked that quote about writers block. When writers block hits it feels like the people and ideas in my mind are just empty. There's nothing there...just empty...

So there is somethings to remember on this Thursday. Those points are something that have been a constant reminder to me in this past month. 

Also a picture of a kitty. Since I really want a kitty and this one is just plain adorable!

A Boy vs. A Man

A friend of mine sent me this article written by Jarrid Willson. It's a short list of the differences between dating a boy vs. dating a man. Dating is something that I have been struggling dealing with as of late. I find it awkward and weird. Getting to know people is hard work, and I would much rather just be like BAM okay we know each other. Not to mention how do you know if a guy is worth your time anyway? See such problems...yuck!

Anyway here's the list that Jarrid gives. Check out his article too!

10 Differences Between Dating A Boy Vs. Dating A Man
#1 A man will own up to his mistakes. A boy will make excuses for them.
#2 A man will respect your purity. A boy will let his desires control him.
#3 A man will respect you no matter the circumstance. A boy will respect you when he wants something in return.
#4 A man will do whatever it takes to provide. A boy will make excuses as to why he can’t provide.
#5 A man will prepare for the future. A boy lives in the moment.
#6 A man looks to gain the respect of your family. A boy look to gain popularity from people around him.
#7 A man is firm in his beliefs. A boy changes his beliefs depending on the girl.
#8 A man has integrity. A boy makes promises he knows he cannot keep.
#9 A man will always take an opportunity to learn. A boy thinks he knows everything.
#10 A man seeks more than just beauty. A boy seeks beauty so he can show off.
What would you add to the list? What differences have you seen in your own life?

Weekend Recap A Day Late

This post was suppose to be yesterday. Around noon-ish....and then I was working on a design project....then my mind went crazy....and nothing was working like I wanted it to. Hence why this weekend recap is a day late. My mind is still scattered.

However, my weekend was busy and so fun!! Saturday morning my sister and I were taken to Crystal Cove State Beach. I mean the name alone would draw a dreamer like me in! I had been worried last week that it would be to cold, but thankfully it was nice and clear! 

We all had so much fun exploring and taking fun pictures! It was beautiful! Welcome to winter in California! We had lunch down there, and then went over to shopping center where I got macaroons! That seriously made the day even better if that was possible!

That night my sister had some friends over and we played spoons, catch phrase, and watched We Bought A Zoo. Which if you haven't seen it is seriously an adorable movie!

Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to since the Sunday before. Kristen, my best friend, her fiancĂ©, and family were going to check out her wedding venue! I got to spend the whole day with my best friend! It was a blast. We went to church together, I got to see her soon to be condo, the venue, and have a nice night with her. It was perfect! 

How was your weekend?