The worst part of a trip is packing. At least to me anyway. I hate having to pack and then unpack.I just do not enjoy it. Oh I know there are a million different articles on the "best way to pack," but I still detest packing.

I mean 1) how can I choose what clothes to bring. I know most people like to pack in the form of outfits, but I have never done that. I like to just pack clothes and have choices when I get somewhere. 

2) It never all fits! How am I suppose to fit what I need in such a small space. Not to mention a suitcase has to only weigh a certain amount now a days. This just becomes even more difficult.

So here I am trying to fit clothes, shoes, and toilet trees into my suitcase. We leave for Boston tomorrow and I could not be more excited. I just would really like to get the packing part out of the way..

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