Casual Cute

I love being able to feel a little dressy. The feeling of being feminine, but also comfortable is seriously one of the best things ever! I wore this look when going to pick up Michael from the airport. I wanted to show off my new hair to him, but since I was going to be driving for at least an hour I knew comfort was a must! 

Also colored jeans are one of my favorite things. However, I think that they can be done wrong very easily. I chose to pair these cranberry pants with white and black. I thought it flowed easily, and looked good. What are your favorite color for jeans?

shirt: thrifted
shoes: H&M
lipstick: Baby Lips (orange tube)

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Yesterday was really my Friday. I have no classes today which is really very nice! Now it is time to just enjoy the weekend and time spent with friends. Who can complain about that?!

Dear New Hair, Well I guess I am kind of a blonde now. I don't feel like my hair is that light, but that picture proves otherwise. It wasn't a drastic change, but I feel like this is a much prettier color! Not to mention I love that I don't have to worry about my roots growing in. Gotta love that!

Dear Weather, The weather man said it is suppose to start cooling down. 83 is much nicer than 90, but can we get to the 70's please? I would really appreciate it if we could actually start feeling like fall outside.

Dear Michael, You come home tomorrow and that makes me incredibly happy. I've missed you this week. I've realized how much I enjoy having lunch with you during the week. Have a safe trip home handsome!

Dear Junior Year, So far you seem really simple and I am okay with that. I am enjoying making new friends. I think that this year might turn out to be my favorite year of college!

Autumn To Do List

I don't think I have a favorite season. I love all seasons equally! I feel like each one of them have their own time, and they need to move over to the next season when that time is ready. So now that it is Fall I am so ready for the cold weather. I am so excited to have spiced tea, and apple or pumpkin pie. Now I am just waiting for So Cal to kick it up with the cold weather so I can pull out my sweaters!

What are your favorite things about fall?

First Day Of Autumn

Since today is the first day of autumn I thought why not kick it off with an outfit that is kind of autumnish. The weather here is still not cool, in anyway. Today it was 90 degrees out. That definitely does not feel like fall. 

Last week one of the events was a dinner and a show. I get cold so easily so dressing warm was the only option! I was so excited to pull my boots out and get to wear them. Not to mention this cardigan! I bought it at least a month ago and have yet to wear it. It wasn't very thick, but it kept me warm enough! Also please ignore the fact that I am standing in the bushes..

cardigan: Lux
shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Local store
Necklace: Forever 21

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I am very excited for the weekend! It has been one busy week and the idea of not really having a lot to do is exciting.

Dear TWIRP Week, We have two more events and then you are over. I would say you went pretty well this year. Not to mention it was really nice to be able to take my boyfriend to all the events. I have had a really good time.

Dear School, It seems like everyone else is having such a hard time this semester, and yet I feel like I am just breezing by. With two days not having classes the weeks seem to drag and so far I have had plenty of time for homework. Hopefully I can help out other people and make their lives a little easier.

Dear Michael, You leave Sunday for Washington for a week...You already know how jealous I am, but I figured I would make it clear one more time. So enjoy your 70 degree weather while I boil up here in the 90's. I know you are working, but I hope you get to have at least a little fun! I'll miss you while you are gone.

Graphic Tee's

Graphic Tee's! Gotta love em right?! T-shirts are seriously the best. I love them. There are such a variety of t-shirts out there. Right now the graphic-t is super popular. I see them everywhere. Not to mention I have seen a lot of fashion posts lately about how to dress them. This week is a big week for my office on campus, and to one of the events I had to wear our graphic-t; so I thought why not make it into a post!

My office's name is Community Life (which you can see on the shirt). The writing on this shirt has a little rose color to it, but when I paired it with these pants it ended up looking more tan and matched perfectly! I really wanted to wear this outfit with little black flats, but with the weather being so hot and having to work outside sandals were the way to go!

Also you all should check out Lux. That is the boutique where I got these pants. They were on sale and I think I only paid about $10 for them. Can't beat that!

shirt: from my school
pants: Lux
shoes: Target
Lipstick: Retro by Mac

A Dress and Boots

The weather has been hot here in Riverside, and by hot I mean blazing...sweltering...feels like Africa hot! I literally cannot walk across my campus without starting to sweat. Which is not all!

However, since the temperatures are so incredibly high here dresses, shorts, and skirts are the way to go! I wore this outfit a few weeks ago and never got around to putting it up here on the blog so here it is! My mom got this dress at a garage sale for $1! You can't beat that! Also once again this hairstyle is great. One of my favorites!

Dress: garage sale
Boots: Lux

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I don't have any class today so Friday you are very relaxing! You are also the finish to my first week of school. I would say it was a pretty good week. Let's keep that up!

Dear Weather, I know technically it is still summer, but I am completely ready for fall. The mornings have been nice and foggy, but once 10:00 hits so does the heat...can we change this please?

Dear Interns, Getting to know you all the last few weeks has been such a blessing! I am so excited to grow in these new friendships!

Dear Michael, It has been so nice getting to see you at least a little bit everyday! I am enjoying see you so much as long as I can!

Dear Wanderlust, You always grow once school starts! Why is that? I have this desire to go somewhere new again. Maybe a Disneyland trip or something simple like that will help decrease you. School just started and a trip isn't coming soon.

First Day Of School

Yesterday was my first day of Junior Year. I am over halfway through college. This is such a weird reality! I only have one more first day of school left in my lifetime that will be my very own. I'm growing up!

First days are always exciting. I had 4 classes and I think it is going to be a good semester. Part of the fun of the first day of school is getting all dressed. I love this dress since it has 3/4 sleeves. I am usually cold so that helped keep me warm throughout the day. Not to mention that it also came in maroon!

Dress: Forever 21

A "Berry" Fun Date

Right before I started back to work at college Michael and I went strawberry picking! It was seriously so fun! At the base of the mountains there is this cute farm that has a bunch of different fruit options all year long for people to come and pick. 

There were a few different options for us to pick, but both of us love strawberries so it wasn't a hard choice! The fields were so cute. You could smell the strawberries when you walked up and as you picked them.

Some of the strawberries had bugs on them, but I stayed away from those. We just walked around and picked the ones that looked all red. It was fun searching for them throughout the bushes.

While we were walking back to pay for the berries we passed these rows of flowers so Michael paid and we got to cut some blooms. They were beautiful and smelled so good!

It was such a fun date! I really enjoyed our time spent together. Not to mention being outdoors was great! Have you ever been fruit picking?

A Little Absent, But A Lot of Fun

Hello my lovely blogger friends!

I am so sorry for my absence here in this corner of the internet. I tried setting up some posts ahead of time, but as training and new student orientation started up at CBU I just couldn't get ahead. However sometimes I think that is okay! It's important for me to live life and enjoy exactly what is going on. Which is exactly what I have been doing! So here is a picture recap of the last couple of weeks.

These are all the lovely lady interns of Community Life (my office). It has been such a blessing getting to know these girls the last couple of weeks. God has blessed me with some awesome friendships!

Opps! Accidental matching!

Can't go through training without coffee runs! 

Another incredibly awesome thing about these new students coming in is that my baby sister is one of them! We are officially both college students! So crazy! I am so excited to have her at CBU with me. Some super fun times are in our future.

Another thing that has been going on the last 2 weeks is that I have been sick :( During training I caught myself a cold, and never seemed to get rid of it. I lost my voice, and then it became super hard to breathe. So this past week Michael and I took a trip down to urgent care where I had to get a breathing treatment. That was awful... I am so happy I don't have asthma. I cannot imagine doing that every so often. I am starting to feel better so that is such a blessing! Not to mention I have to thank my awesome boyfriend for taking care of me and putting up with my no voice, and sicky attitude. 

So that is what I have been up too! How has your last weeks before school starts been?