New Clothes!

I wore this outfit to go see my sister's show on Sunday. The theater was outside, and the weather here has been very very hot and humid! It has been so strange! However, this outfit is pretty much all new! I got the tank top at that adorable thrift shop in New York that I talked about, and my jeans are from Hollister. Who is having an awesome sale on their jeans right now!

Secondly, this is the first time I tried this hair style. I have always admired these inside out braids that you see on pinterest however I have never tried one. My mom also helped me out! The braid is just simply opposite of what you would normally do. I think it turns out really cute. I just finished it by putting my hair in a bun. The hair got messier as the day went on which I actually preferred. If you try it out let me know!

top: thrift store
jeans: hollister
shoes: target

Vacation Day 4 and 5

I know I have taken some time off from updating y'all about my family vacation so here we are back at it!

Day 4 was spent in the car driving from Boston to New York. It was super pretty seeing other parts of New York that were not Manhattan. I would love to be able to explore and see those parts one day.

Day 5. We didn't waste anytime jumping right into things! The first thing we went to see is the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked about half way across just to get a cool view. It was such a beautiful landmark. I would have loved to be able to see it at night.

After that my parents went down to China Town and my sister and I went exploring some thrift stores. Then we all met up at The Strand. Which for my sister who is a book lover is her heaven! We were also able to find the cutest thrift store that I fell in love with! I got some awesome deals!

We all headed to Time's Square for a bit as my dad wanted to check TKTS booth for prices. 

We all needed a little break after all the walking so we spent some time in Bryant Park drinking Starbucks and people watching. This park is so beautiful. It is such a different atmosphere now from when we were there in November. 

After that we went and explored the library and some more thrift stores. We accomplished a ton that day!

Friday's Little Letters

Dear Friday, I am not so excited for you. I have to work tonight and tomorrow which does not make me very happy. I cannot wait for the time when Friday's mean weekends and fun things. That time is coming soon. I look forward to it.

Dear Michael, 9 more days! We are halfway through. 9 days that you have been gone and 9 more days to go. I miss you like crazy and am oh so ready for you to come home. So come home soon Mr.Man and come home safe!

Dear Working Out, How come it always seems like I can do really good for a week and then the next week I don't work out. Hopefully one day I can be good and consistent at being healthy.

Dear Color Me Mine, You have really pushed my buttons. I am done with you. 2 more weeks and I am out of there. My goal is simply to have a good attitude as I exit. 

Dear School, You cannot come soon enough. The joy that just thinking about working next year brings me is nothing matched to actually getting to do my job. Please hurry up. 

I dance in the ocean...


...I was bless with the day off.

...even when coworkers do not get a long God's mercies are new every morning.

...I am blessed with an awesome job that I get to go back to in a month.

...even when someone special is gone technology works and I can have contact. family takes the day off with me and goes to the beach.

Why do you dance?

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Since I don't work a normal weekday job the fact that today is Friday really means nothing to me. I have to work today, Saturday, and Sunday. However, just the concept of it being Friday and the weekend is somewhat comforting. Does anyone else find that to be true? Maybe not, but it is sure true to me!

Dear Summer, In exactly one month I get to go back to work at my school. You could say I am a little excited! You have been wonderful, but I miss my friends and my bosses.

Dear Michael, You have been gone for exactly 2 days and yes I do miss you already. 16 more days until you are back near Riverside. Praying for your safety during AT. I can't wait for you to come home to all the fun things we have planned!

Dear Color Me Mine, I am so done working for you. Going back to work at my school could not come soon enough. Working for you this summer has really taught me the difference at working at a job that you love and one where you just need the money.

Vacation Day 3: Maine

On day three of our family vacation we rented a car and drove from Boston to Maine. It wasn't a very far drive, and the scenery was so beautiful! Plus it was super cool to drive through other states!

When we got to Maine we went to this lighthouse and had lunch. We got to explore the light house. It's so cool to see something that's been there for so long! I never really thought of the fact that we even have lighthouses here in California!

After we explored the lighthouse we headed down to beach. Maine's coastline is very much like our Northern California's or Oregon's, super rocky. 

Hanging out on this rock was fun....

Until a wave came and covered me.....

After that we ended the day by having Lobster. Then we headed back to Boston for our last nights sleep!

Let's Play Catch Up

 So you know it has been a while since you blogged when someone else notices. I am sorry for my absence here on my lovely spot of the internet, but I have been busy living life! Since last week I have done so many fun things! Michael leaves for AT with the army soon so we are trying to pack as many fun things into the past week as we can! I think we succeeded. Here's a row of pictures to show you what I have been up to!

Wednesday Michael and I spent the day at the beach. We went down to Laguna which is a beach that I had never been to before. Our goal was to try and find tide pools, however there was high tide that day so we weren't as successful as I had imagined. Yet, it was still a nice super relaxing day! He also bought me macarons since we were right by Fashion Island. Isn't he the sweetest?!

Thursday my family, my sister's friend Rylee, and Michael all made the trek out to the San Diego Safari Park. I hadn't been there in years. It was a lot of fun. Tons of walking, but most of it was shaded so that was alright. We got to see them feed a tiger too! It was awesome! 

Friday and Saturday consisted of me working. I painted a new food bowl for my kitty Rajah recently.

Yesterday, Sunday, was Michael's unit's family picnic day. We spent the morning and early afternoon out at Lake Perris. It was an enjoyable day. It was cool to meet all the other medics he works with. After the picnic was over we headed back to Michael's aunt and uncles house with his parents where we just hung out. I liked spending time with his family. It was a very nice day!

There ends my little recap! It has been a very busy week! How has your summer been?

Boston Day 2

Boston day 2 had much better weather than day 1! It was still overcast, but it only sprinkled some. No more downpour! Which made walking around the city much nicer!

My dad had bought us all this tour of the city which was really cool, and helpful since it took you to different parts and told you which buildings were historical. I thought that was really interesting! 

One of the first places we went was Harvard. I wish we could have spent more time there, but I found the college so beautiful! It unique to me how old everything looks. The classrooms and dorms are spread out, and yet the city is so small that everything is just right there. I love the vibe that it gives off. It just makes you feel smart!

After Harvard, we had lunch and just got to walk a little bit of the freedom trail. We saw the church where the lanterns were hung. I love American history so I really thought it was so cool how our country was born right in this city.

The last thing we did was go on a duck boat. I thought this was awesome! It's a car that is also a boat and drives straight into the water. It gave us some really cool skyline views of the city.

Independence Day Weekend

Happy Independence Day weekend! I hope you all had a fun filled safe weekend! My weekend was a blast! I spent the Forth of July with Michael and his family up in Big Bear where he lives. I had so much fun! We walked around the lake, his family barbecued, and we got to watch the fireworks over the lake. It was such a fun day! 

How was your forth? What was your favorite part? 

First Day In Boston

Our first day in Boston was quite an adventure! The first day we spent in Boston the weather was not so welcoming. It rained...and poured. Which made it a little hard to spend time out exploring the city. 

However, we tried to make the most of it. We found this adorable park that I absolutely loved. We also trekked around a bit before the rain really started. 

I thought Boston was so beautiful, and it was kind of fun to have the rain even if it meant not getting to explore as much. The rain that we got there was way more than we ever get here in Southern Cali!

Here's some photos from our first day!