365 days....216 posts....I am definitely not counting how many words. This all adds up to one year of blogging. Can you believe it?! My little space here on the internet has existed for one year!

When I started this blog I don't think I realized how this thing that most people consider a hobby would become such a part of me. At first it was just something that I wanted to try, something that I hoped I could be good at, and something that I wanted to stick too. Now it is my hobby. Something that I tell people I do, something I do for fun and because I throughly enjoy doing it. 

So here's to one year of blogging! Happy Blogiversary Moo's Musing!


Dear Friday, This week wasn't all that stressful to be honest! I am very thankful for that! However, I am so happy for the weekend. There's just something glorious to know that it is Friday and I have no obligations. 

Dear School, There are less than 30 days left of classes.This terrifies me. I feel like I should be way more stressed than I am, and since I am not stressed it is stressing me out. I feel like I am missing something and it is all of the sudden happen upon me and I am going to freak out! Let's hope that does't happen and I just get to enjoy each and every step of the way.

Dear Dating, I'm still not such a huge fan of you yet. Everyone talks about how much fun dating is and I just don't feel this yet. I am trying to enjoy this process as much as possible. Hopefully that enjoyment will start soon. 

Dear Best Friends, I miss you both very much! You both are just too busy. Slow down and lets hang out!

Some Articles I Have Loved

Lately, I have been in love with Thought Catalog. Now I can't say I agree with, like, or endorse everything that is written about on there. However, I really like some of the articles! I decided to pull some of my favorites in the last few weeks and share them with y'all! Some I just liked the writing style, others I really enjoyed the content. Some were just very relatable! I'd love to hear what you think, or other articles that you have enjoyed reading. Please share! So in no particular order here ya go!

1.I'm Not Friend Zoning You- I Just Don't Want To Date You

2. Let's Stop Using "20-Something" As An Excuse

3. To The Boy Who Broke My Little Sister's Heart

4. I Can Be That Girl

I Am Tired, But Thankful

Okay guys...I'm tired...

I'm tired of staring at this blank document and not knowing what to write. 
I'm tired of being uninspired. 
I'm tired of wanting to spend my days outside but being stuck inside. 
I'm tired of these ridiculously stupid headaches that never seem to go away. 
I'm tired of my wanderlust that isn't being fulfilled.
I'm tired of looking at beautiful pictures instead of taking them myself.
I'm tired of wanting to go out and having no where to go and no one to go out with.
I'm tired of missing people who don't miss me back. 
I'm tired of wanting to buy things and having no money.
I'm tired of not having a full gas tank.
I'm tired of everything changing and yet feeling like it all stays the same.

But most of all I'm tired of being tired.


I am so thankful for the sunny days that we have had here in California.
I am so thankful that I am healthy.
I am so thankful for my job, and the people that I work with.
I am so thankful that my degree lets me be creative.
I am so thankful for all of the wonderful places that I have been.
I am so thankful that I have friends who love me.
I am so thankful for my family who is always there when I need them.
I am so thankful for everything God has blessed me with.
I am so thankful for my puppies who like to cuddle.
I am so thankful for the times of rest during the week.
I am so thankful for the business too.
I am so thankful that I get to put on awesome events at my school.

I may be very tired, but I am thankful for the moments that I get to live each and everyday. The good, the bad each moment makes up our lives. 

What are moments that have made you tired or thankful lately?

The End Of Spring Break

Dear Friday, I am kind of sad to see you come. You mean then end of spring break. Your coming means that I have to go back to reality. I had very little to do this week, which made me kind of sad, but I still enjoyed myself immensely!

Dear School, Can we ease into the routine again? I'd really appreciate it.

Dear Travel Bug, You are constantly bugging me. My heart longs to wander and see we are all aware of this. Sadly, my bank account does not match the desire I have.

Dear People, I am so blessed with these new friendships lately! I am completely enjoying getting to know new people.

What 20 Feels Like

Age. It's a funny thing. As we go throughout our school experience age means so much to us. In high school being 18 and dating a 16 year old is just not cool! But being 18 and dating someone 21 than that's awesome to your peers. Yet, as I have recently turned 20 age is like this new factor. I kind of feel old...

Growing up you constantly hear people talk about your "20's." There are so many articles you see and read about doing things in your "20s." Everyone seems to have an opinion about how to live throughout these next 10 years. "You'll never get them back" or "These are the best years of your life" I mean really? Who's to say that 19 wasn't great? Who's to say that being 22 is going to be awesome? 

What does being 20 really mean? To me 20 feels old. I'm no longer a teenager. In my 20s I want to get married, and have kids. This doesn't feel so far away anymore and it hasn't for awhile, but now it feels even closer. It's even more of a reality of how fast time passes.

Being 20 makes me feel grown up. I've been an adult for 2 years already, but now it feels real. It makes me realize how much I rely on my parents for things, and how much I maybe shouldn't. I have this feeling that I should be grown up already. Like all of the sudden...boom...I'm 20. I've always been different than most college kids, but now I feel like I'm 20. Do I even act 20? and what does acting 20 mean?

I'm almost half way through college, and now I am 2 decades into life. It passes so fast and things can change in just a moment. God is in control of it all, but I don't want to take any moment for granted. Maybe I'll do something crazy in my 20's, and maybe I'll live just a plain normal life. But whatever these next 10 years hold I just want to enjoy them. I want to love each and every moment and circumstance that God gives to me. The wonderful, the good, the bad, and the horrible. Tomorrow isn't promised to me. So here's to thank God for one more day, and for the last 20 years. 

What does being 20 mean to you? What do you love or remember about your 20's?

My Weekend/Birthday Celebration

It's Monday! BUT it's the Monday of spring break! I'm pumped! Not really...but I am happy that I am on break. I didn't have to work up early, and I don't have to worry about homework until later this week. I just get to relax! It's very lovely. 

These last couple days have been great! I am so blessed by my family and friends! I had a wonderful birthday! My parents completely spoiled me! Thursday after school my parents took one of my best friends and me out to get macaroons, and then down to the beach to Joe's Crab Shack. I had never been there before, but it was so yummy!

After that we went over to the beach and watched the sunset and took pictures. It was beautiful! I had so much fun!

This picture is one of my favorites. I am always taking pictures with my phone, and this time I was caught in the act.

Then to continue my birthday celebration I of course had to go to Disneyland! It was a must! ;) Yesterday was probably one of my favorite Disney trips yet! We spent about 13 hours in the park and made it on 12 rides, and saw World Of Color. That is amazing for a Sunday! The weather was beautiful, and the group I went with was a blast! I really enjoyed my birthday!

Also, another exciting birthday thing is that my dad officially gave me permission to get a kitty!! I am so excited. There aren't any kittens at the shelter right now so I have to wait a couple weeks, but I am just continuing to check the website. I cannot wait! I have been begging for awhile now. So there's something y'all can be looking out for. There is soon to be an addition! 

How was your weekend? Are you on spring break? Any special plans?

Birthday Weekend

Dear Week/Weekend, It's spring break!! Woo Hoo! We made it! There's only about 6 more weeks of school left. 6 more weeks until I am halfway through college. It feels so weird! I am going to be a junior. Anywho I am so happy to be on break! A whole week of no school work. I don't think I will know what to do with myself all week!

Dear 20, It's official. I'm in my 20's. That's weird. The end.

Dear Family and Friends, Thank you all so much for how special you have made this birthday. I really appreciate! I love you all so much.

Dear Disneyland, Watch out! This princess is coming for you Sunday! I can't wait! It is going to be one awesome way to celebrate my birthday!

Happy Birthday, Over The Years

Today's the day! I am officially 20. No longer a teenager...that feels so weird! I feel somewhat old now. In magazines, on blogs, advertisements you constantly hear about in your 20's. Well that's me now. I'm in my 20's! So strange.

Anywho! I was looking at my pictures, and I realized I have a lot of pictures from birthdays. Birthdays were and are something that is super special in my family, and are always celebrated in some sort of way. So here's a montage of birthdays over the years.

The farthest back birthday picture I could find was from when I turned 14. I went bowling with that group of friends. This moment is when you look at that picture and think what the heck was I thinking with that outfit.

My 15th birthday party was kindergarten themed. We played kindergarten game and everyone had to dress like kindergartners. 

My 16th birthday has been my absolute favorite birthday ever. It is seriously one of my most fun memories, and it was with people that I absolutely love. Two of those people are my bestest friends, and still in my life today. My parents have a time share and one of them is in Anaheim right by Disneyland. My parents picked my friends, and me up from school and went there. We had two rooms (one for boys and one for girls), and the first night we walked around Downtown Disney, and then came back and played games, had cake, and opened presents. Then the next day we went to Disneyland. It was such a fun group, and easily one of my favorite birthdays!

This was my 17th birthday. I feel like this was a really large group of friends that I actually had. It was just a simple party. 

My 18th birthday was once again spent at Disneyland!

This was last year, my 19th birthday! One of my friends who moved across the country was in California for spring break. So we drove down to Oceanside and stayed down there for a night. It was so fun to be just us girls! 

Today I have class...oh the joys of being a college student. Tonight my family, sister, and best friend are headed to the beach for dinner, the sunset, and lots of adorable pictures! Then Sunday a group of my friends are going to Disneyland...ofcourse! 

I am truly blessed by family and friends! They spoil me so much!

25 by 25

As many of you may know, is is something I have mentioned on this blog before, but my 20th birthday is coming up tomorrow! Today is my last day being a teenager...ever...that feels so strange! I have been considering doing this for awhile now, and I have decided I am going to go for it. If you do not know what this is let me explain. I have made a list of 25 things that I want to do by the time I turn 25. It is sort of like a bucket list. As you can see I don't have all 25 yet. It was a lot harder to come up with them than I expected. It has made me realize how much I have already done in my life! If anyone has anything that they think I should add please share! I will be updating my list as the years go by, as I come up with more to add to the list, and as I complete each item. So here's my list!

1.Get married
3.Have a child
4.Learn to drive stick
5.By a house
6.Back pack Europe
7.Learn French
8.Meet at least one blog friend in real life
9.Get a French Macaroon from France
10.Put a lock on the love lock bridge in Paris
11.Get a tattoo
12.Have a pen pal
13.Have thanksgiving dinner at my own house and cook the entire meal
14.Invest in 10 beautiful coffee table books
15.See a Taylor Swift concert
16.Watch a sunrise from the east somewhere
17. Go to a Disneyland/world not in California
18. Go on a rode trip
19. Go on a sail boat
20. See the real castles that the Disney castles are based off of
21. Donate blood
22. Go to the Kentucky Derby

Just Came Together

This outfit came together in a very "I didn't wash my hair, and it looks really bad kind of way." I threw my hair up in a bun and then added the bow. If you all don't know this already I love bows. They make me feel girly, and adorable. 

So on the bow went and the rest just kind of fell into place. I didn't realize that it would be a cute outfit until my sister goes "Hey! You look really cute." So a photo shoot happened and here we are!

Another random fact about this outfit is that I have begun to realize I wear these boots almost everyday! I love them. They are so comfortable, and they keep my feet warm. I am so hard on my combat boots that I am considering investing in a pair of Steve Madden's or a better brand of boots. What do you guys think?

cardigan: hollister
shirt: thrifted
bow: forever 21
scarf: forever 21
jeans: hollister
boots: local mall

My Crazy, Busy Weekend

Happy Monday! Today I am not so pumped that it is Monday...I am still exhausted from this weekend, and school is just not so exciting. However, I was just scrolling through tumblr, and saw this awesome quote that said "It's Monday. God is going to do some amazing things this week. Get ready!" Which really put things into perspective for me. How often do I need to go into the week with this attitude rather than a "Blah! It's Monday.." So I challenge you today to go into the week with this attitude instead.

My weekend started out Friday night the minute I got off of work. Friday night was my school's student leadership kickoff. I got to meet our incoming interns for the next year. It was so awesome to meet everyone and see how we all mesh. It is such a different feeling this time around since I kind of know what I am getting myself into. 

Saturday of course was the big day!! It feels like Kristen's engagement went by so fast, and yet I cannot believe that she is married now! The wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch. She was a stunning bride. It was such a blessing and honor for me to be able to help out, and be with her on her special day. Saturday was super tiring for me though. We were up early, and had so much do too! I am still recovering from this long day.

Sunday was spent in the sun! Literally I was in the sun almost all day! The weather was beautiful! A whole 80 degrees! I got to lay out and tan and worked on some homework. I was a bit bored all day though, but I really did need a day of nothing.

So there's how I spent my weekend! This week is the last week before spring break, and I have so much going on with school. I cannot wait to be on break! It feels like all the students are just counting down the days! Something exciting that is coming this week is my 20th birthday! I cannot believe its almost here. 3 days to go!


Dear Kristen, There are less than 24 hours left of you being a single unmarried woman! Ah! I can't believe it. You are going to have a husband. I am so excited for you, and cannot wait to be apart of your special day tomorrow. Thank you so much for including me. I love you so much! 

Dear Past Week, I am happy you are over. You were stressful, and I am done with you.The end. 

Dear Birthday, 6 days until I turn 20. 6 days until I am no longer a teenager. It is so weird to think about! I'm hoping I have fun for my birthday. I realized last year that as you get older, birthdays are not as much fun. So here's to hoping next week I have a blast!

Dear Incoming Interns, I am so excited to meet you tonight! Being the returner and not the new be is a little strange for me, but I can't wait to see how we all mesh together. I am praying for our staff and hope you are just as excited as I was last year!

Responding To Your Ability

Responsibility. This word seems so foreign to our generation. Children and teens seem to get everything handed to them. No one has to work for what they want anymore. This has only caused our generation to be lazy and completely unreliable. 

The dictionary defines responsibility as a duty or task that you are required or expected to do. At my church on Sunday our pastor said a phrase about responsibility that really stuck with me. He said it is how you respond to your ability. I liked that saying.

This last weekend I found out that I am blessed to be rehired as a student leader for my school. This is a responsibility that I have completely loved having and being apart of this year, and am so pumped to be able to continue to be apart of my office again next year! However, since I will be a returner next year it brings much more responsibility with the job. The responsibility that I am given is something I don't take lightly at all. I don't feel like any responsibility should be taken lightly.

How someone handles responsibility tells a lot about their character. I would hope that how I handle each and every responsibility I am given tells that I am responsible and someone can trust me with a lot. I want to be able to respond to the ability that God has given me with grace and confidence that no one can doubt what I can do. 


I am tired. So so so so tired. This week and next week I have so much going on! Between midterms, Kristen's wedding this weekend, school events, and my birthday next week I feel like I have no time what so ever! Please forgive my lack of involvement on this little space of the internet this week and next. I promise I will be doing my best to post!