A New Hair Style

Last week Michael took me up to Big Bear to visit his parents for the day. I wanted to wear jeans as I knew some of the time would be spent just chilling at his house however, I still wanted to look cute of course! 

This hair style is something I have seen alllllll over Pinterest. Every time I had tried it in the past though this hairstyle seemed to fail. This time around though I tried it with a different hand band and I seemed to have gotten the hang of it! This hair style lasted me all day. There were  a few times when I could feel it coming loose and I just had to tuck it in again. Other than that though I am really impressed with the look and last of this style. Not to mention its such an easy way to do second day hair!

shirt: Forever 21
jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Converse

All Dressed Up

I love this dress! I got it at Marshalls for $20. This maroon color is one of my favorites! Not to mention I have 2 different lipsticks that match pretty well with it! I was super excited to find this dress. A total score! I choose to accessorize it with pearls so that I had the colors red, black, and white! I wore the color Brick-O-La from Mac on my lips as well.

Dress: Marshalls
Bracelet: Forever 21
Bow: Forever 21

A Day At The Theater

My sister is a theater kid. Growing up around her the love of theater and broadway shows has rubbed off on me. Once The Musical is a show that I had been hearing about, and really wanted to see! It was a broadway show that was right up my ally. For this play there is no orchestra. All of the music is played up on the stage. Not to mention it is set in Ireland so most of the characters have an accent. Which I ADORE! So once I heard that this musical was coming to The Pantages in LA I knew I wanted to book the tickets!

Obviously I got a group of my friends to go too! Which was such a blast! We all got dressed up and ate dinner at my house before. It was a fun drive and such an amazing show!

Not to mention but I also got a boyfriend that night! Talk about a memorable show!

The Last Friday Of Summer

Dear Friday, You are my last Friday of my summer. This is it. Summer is pretty much over for me! 

Dear Summer, You have been good! I have really enjoyed this summer. This past week has been awesome and fun. However, I am ready for school.

Dear School, You are here! I have been waiting to go back for such a long time. I am so excited to start training and get back to my staff.

Dear Boyfriend, We have been official for a week! And what a fun week it has been. Thanks for all the fun dates we've been on this past week. 

Coffee Sleeves and Awesome Questions

Back in March Michael asked me out on our first date. We had an open mic night at our school, and I was working the event since it was my office that put it on. Michael sat with me while I worked and we watched all the performers together. During the event I had a green tea latte. I had the coffee sleeve in my head which I handed to him. Jokingly I told him that he had to keep it forever! 

So on Thursday night before we headed into the theater to go see Once The Musical Michael handed me this...

....and ofcourse I said yes!

Michael has been such a blessing in my life the past 4 months! I am so excited and blessed to be able to call him my boyfriend and see what the Lord has in store for us! 

A Weekend Of Camping

This weekend was a seriously fun one! My family rented a trailer and went camping up in Dogwood which is by Lake Arrowhead. It was seriously one of the most fun little weekend getaways that we have ever had! We left Friday morning and came back Sunday evening. My sister's friend Rylee came with us, and so did Michael!

Michael was helping me chop kindling for the fire. Camp fires are seriously one of my favorite parts of camping. We roasted marshmallows and made smores. It was a blast!

Saturday we spent the day at the lake. The lake we went too had blow up obstacle courses that we went on, and we also got to go paddle boarding! Paddle boarding is one of my favorite things to do ever! It was such a blast to do it with Michael.

 Sunday we spent the day at the village in Arrowhead. It was a pretty chill day. I really enjoyed this weekend. It was super awesome to be able to spend the weekend with everyone! 

Weekend Recap

I haven't done a weekend recap in awhile now. This is because my weekends have been pretty boring and filled with work. However some very exciting things happened this weekend!

Friday night I just worked...blah! 

Saturday morning my family had a yard sale. We were totally blessed because the hot weather stayed away and the clouds made it some what nice! THEN Saturday afternoon/evening Michael came home!! This is something I have been waiting for since he left! I met him at his aunt and uncles where he was spending the night. We just hung out there with his family which was very nice. I missed him and am so happy he is home safe!

Sunday morning I had to work...another blah, maybe even a little bigger since it made me miss church. After work Michael took me out to a movie and dinner. We saw the new Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. I thought it was pretty good! Groot was my favorite! 

All weekend the weather was overcast, humid, and it even rained a bit! So after dinner we came back to my house and sat outside with my family just to enjoy the weather. It was a lovely way to end my week! 

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Hello August!

Dear August, I cannot believe that you are already upon us! It is just shocking to me! 3 months of summer have already past and I have 18 days left. It seems to just fly by! However, I am not sad. I am so excited for the school year ahead and exactly what this next month brings. 

Dear Michael, One day! You come home tomorrow!! My excitement is over the top. I cannot wait to see you. Drive safe Mr! I cannot wait to start doing all the fun things we have planned before we go back to school.

Dear Color Me Mine, Including today I have 5 more shifts with you. I will not miss you. I will miss my coworkers and that is all. Goodbye.

Dear Working Out, Well I got through half a week. At least it's something...I shall continue to work on this aspect.

Dear Comm Life, I got my welcome back letter! I cannot wait to come back and join the team. This year ahead holds a lot of new adventures and I am ready to take them on full force!