3 Day Weekend

 Happy Tuesday friends! How was your 3 day weekend? It is so nice to start the week on a Tuesday. Am I right?! 

This weekend was a pretty chill one. I really enjoyed myself.

Friday night I chilled at home. My parents were gone for the weekend and my sister went to Disneyland to enjoy her last day with her pass. So I spent the night at home with a facial, cooking, and watching a movie. It was nice and relaxing. 

Saturday started decently early with Michael coming down the mountain. We went and got breakfast at this little whole in the wall place down the way from my house. 

After breakfast we went and picked up my sister. We all headed downtown and checked out a local farmers market and bookstore. 

Then we headed to the library near by and my sister went off in search of books. Michael and I walked over to the children's section and sat and read different picture books while we waited for her. It was so fun! Picture books are one of my favorite things in the whole world!

I had packed a picnic lunch for the three of us and so we headed to the UCR botanical gardens and had a picnic. Michael and Maddi both fell asleep while we were there. It was a little chilly outside so we didn't walk around to much.

We ended the day with Jenga, pizza, and a movie. It was a pretty good Saturday!

Sunday I had to work...that was it. 

Monday, my family celebrated my moms birthday! We went out to lunch, and then went to see the new X-men movie. The X-men are some of my mom's favorite super hero films!

How was your three day weekend? Do anything special? 

Letter's For Friday

Hello Friday!

Dear Friday, I have been looking forward to you for awhile. I have to work a little this weekend, but that will not keep me from enjoying it. So there! 

Dear Working Out, Be proud...Be very proud. I have worked out every day this week so far. This is a sad pathetic accomplishment, but an accomplishment all the same! 

Dear She Reads Truth, This past week or so I have become so thankful for your website. This idea is brilliant! Thank you for helping me go through the Bible. It is an incredible way to start my day.

Dear Friends, I am sorry that work has controlled so much of my time. You all are finally home from vacations and I want to see you I promise I do. Life will slow down eventually and we will do a girls night!

Dear Beach, We need to get together soon. Life very soon. So can we work it out that it's warm enough to actually spend a day with you? I'd really appreciate it.

Dear Disneyland, I miss you already....

Above My Doubts and Fears

"Whenever your heart starts to be anxious about the future, preach to your heart and say, ‘Heart, who do you think you are to be afraid of the future and nullify the promise of God? No, heart, I will not exalt myself with anxiety. I will humble myself in peace and joy as I trust this precious and great promise of God—He cares for me." -John Piper

If you have been a reader of Moo's Musing for a while now you know that this is something that I struggle with...A LOT! I am a planner. I have a type-A personality. I like things in order, and I like to know what is going to happen in the end. Since I have those characteristic traits I struggle with letting God lead. I am constantly reminding myself to give it God. Let Him handle it.

So when I read that quote up there from John Piper on tumblr it was really convicting. I know that I have my doubt, and that trusting God in His day to day plan rather than my own is very difficult. Yet, I never really thought of it as nullifying the promises of God.  That hurt me to think about! And to think that I might to be doing that to God!? HECK NO! I would never want to nullify God's promise. I know full fledged that everything God has promised is true and I do not doubt those promises. Yet, when I'm not trusting in His will and worrying about tomorrow, next week, or the coming years I'm not believing those promises. By not believing in those promises I'm saying they aren't true. 

Which is so so very wrong. I must remember that anxiety and worry about the future is putting God and his promises below myself. Which is in no place where He belongs. So I must preach at my heart. Over and over and over again. Continuing to tell myself that God's got it! He's in control of it all and what needs to happen is going to happen. He sees the bigger picture. It is all going to work out for the good of those who love Him. 

And that's what is on repeat in my head right now...once again. God's got it! He's in control and He deserves to be exalted above my doubts and fears. 

Planes, and Summer Plans

I saw this picture on Tumblr a few weeks ago and could not help but love it. Planes are something that I adore. Planes just make me happy. I love seeing them in the sky. If I see one I get distracted so easily...kind of like the dog, Doug, from Up "Squirrel!"

It's kind of a good thing that where I live there isn't a place where I can just sit like that and watch the planes fly in and out. I would spend hours watching them.

This weekend my mom, my friend Michael, and I were all sitting outside just enjoying the weather. As we were catching a glimpse of the sunset my mom started pointing out all the planes that we saw over head. In a matter of like 10 minutes I think we saw more than 5 planes fly above us. 

Planes are so fascinating to me. They make me wonder where they are going, who's on them, and why. Is it business? vacation? or maybe someone had the money to just up and buy a ticket? It's all so fascinating. The places all these pieces of metal have been to, and the variety of people that they carry on them. 

Not to mention airports! I know some people absolutely hate airports, but that is not me at all. I love to see the variety of people and the different clothes people to choose to wear. There's different ethnicities,  and different people who come from different lifestyles. It's all so interesting!

With all this talk about planes I thought I should announce my summer plans. In about 3 weeks I will be boarding a plane headed to Boston! I am literally so excited I can't even begin to put it into words! Boston is a place I have always wanted to visit. My family is going to stop in there first and spend about 4 days there. We will rent a car and drive up to Maine as well. Then the last 6 days of our trip will be spent back down in Manhattan. My entire family fell in love with New York this past November. I am extremely thrilled to be headed back there. Especially since the weather will be much warmer. If anyone has any suggestions of what to do or places to visit I would love to hear them! 

My Weekend Recap

 Happy Monday!! 

I seriously think that the weekend should be more than 2 days long. Wayyy more fun and relaxing that way. Oh well...so is life. 

My weekend didn't start until Saturday, since I had to work all day Friday...literally all day...9 to 9. Yay for two jobs! 

Saturday morning I went on a hike with some friends. That was really fun. It's been hot here in So Cal and the heat started early in the morning so that part was kind of a bummer but oh well!

After that Michael and I drove out to an outdoor mall. I had to pick up my computer from the apple store there. It was nice outside and we got to have lunch out there and walk around the shops.

That night we came back to my house where I made BBQ chicken, and corn on the cob. We got to enjoy the weather and sit outside and play stratego. Which he killed me at....I guess that's what I get since he's a military man. I didn't think about that factor when picking the game. 

Overall, Saturday was really nice! The weather turned out to be beautiful!

Sunday was a very chill day. I went to church with my family, and then just enjoyed the day at home. It was nice and relaxing.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, You are busy. Yes, the weekend starts with you, but mine will only start with you ending. Working two jobs has not really been that hard until today. I have 45 minutes to go from one job to the next. It's going to be one long day!

Dear Summer, Summer really isn't as fun once one you have job. Summer just becomes more time that you have to make money. Ohhh gotta love being a grown up. Here's to hoping for more days out in the sun!

Dear Friends, I have appreciated so many of you all lately. Knowing who you can count on is something really valuable to me and having multiple people is something so rare in my life. I am not taking this time for granted. Having all you girls means the world to me!

Dear Weekend, I am excited for you to start! I have plans, and I am so excited to see them happen. Yay for more visits and no distance. Yay to seeing my friends! Yay to having days off! Yay for the sun! 

Dear Weather, I would really appreciate it if we could have those really hot days on the weekend when I can enjoy them. Having the beach be 80 when I'm stuck in an office is not so enjoyable when its only 66 on a Saturday. I'd appreciate it if you could flip flop the two. Pleas and thank you!

Dear Disneyland, I am going to have a tearful goodbye very very soon....Can we please meet up one last time?!

Lay It At Your Feet

Forgive me for picking back up what I've already laid down at your feet.

Sometimes you just feel lost. Like you have no idea what the Lord is doing right now. That's where I'm at. I just don't understand. That's when faith and trust come in. That's where I tend to fail.

Faith...trust...why are they so hard for us? We like to feel in control. We like to know what's going to happen in the end. Yet, we can't. That's what faith means. You have to just trust that God knows what he's doing and let him handle it. 

Yet time and time again we seem to give it over to him and then pick it back up. That's not true faith. You must lay something down at the Lord's feet and turn around. Leave it there. God knows exactly what we need. He will lead me. 

But where does that leave me? That's when the doubt comes rushing back in. What choice then do I make? Where does that leave my day to day life? So here I go. I must just take it one day at a time and let the Lord lead. He'll take care of it. If it's not meant to be he'll take it out of my life. Just like so many times before. I need to trust that. Trust God. Trust the people around me. 

Faith. So I may feel like I'm in the dark, but the light will lead me out. I just have to remember to hold onto Him. I need to remember to seek out God and not something from Him. Seek out His will rather than his peace. Peace will come eventually. The calm will come back. I just need to focus on His will above all else.

Words On Wednesday

Happy hump day! We are halfway through the week. I haven't had a busy week, but I am just tired for some reason. I'm not really sure why though. Whatever it may be I am happy for it to be Wednesday! 

So here's some words for your Wednesday. 


A Belated Happy Mother's Day

I know that Mother's Day was on Sunday and I am a few days late with this post. However, when I went to type it up I found my computer screen to be broken...so two days later and using a different computer here's to wishing all the moms a happy mothers day! Particularly my extraordinary mother!

My mother is an incredible blessing to my family. She is my best friend, and has always been there for me. She is the coolest mom around! She takes us out, she dresses adorable, and she takes selfies with her daughters. 

My mom has always made it a point to spend time with her daughters, especially after my sister and I have had busy weeks. She constantly goes out of her way to help my sister and I out. She is our rock, and we rely on her for so much.

Those 3 women in that picture above have changed an incredible amount over the years. I have watched my mom deal with her first and now finishing her second year as a fifth grade teacher. I have watched her deal with troublesome kids, and listened to her funny classroom stories. Yet, I also remember the time when she was struggling through college as she went back to school much later in life. However, like the strong woman she is she succeeded. She proves to my sister and me everyday that anything is possible no matter what weakness you have. I know that my mom would be there for us no matter. That I can tell her anything, call her up in any instance, or ask her any question and she'd do the best she can for me. 

A mother's bond is unbreakable. We three girls are extremely close and that has not changed for us over the years. I believe that a mother's bond never leaves a child. I believe that we will always be close in our own special way. A way that is very different than most families. My mother, and sister are my best friends. I hope that I never take my mother for granted or the daily deeds that she does for our family. I pray that I can be a wife and mother like her one day. She is an amazing example. 

I love you mama!

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, The weekend just doesn't seem to matter this week. Being on summer and working a job that schedules me on weekends means that it just doesn't feel different than any other day. So yay for Friday!

Dear Summer, You've been pretty relaxing so far. A full week in and I've pretty much just worked. So excited for my summer vacation. Can I just hop on a plane already?

Dear Weather, I know it's only May, but I would really like the heat back. I know 75 is great but I need a good 80 to get a tan. It'd be much appreciated.

Dear Distance, So far so good. I think I can handle this.


Change is something that seems to just come with life right? I mean we don't stay babies forever. We grow up, we go to school, we make friends, those friends leave and we make new ones. Eventually we learn to drive, graduate, get jobs, choose a career, and get a family. Change. It just come. Whether we are prepared for it or not.

But what about the bad changes? Who decides that anyway? We know whats right and wrong. We see when our friends from middle school change to the people they become in high school. We know that sometimes they change for the better and sometimes they change for the worse. It seems at each stage in life like that people change. Each stage they learn a lesson and grow up a little. Yet, what happens when a change is neutral? or even better, what happens when you feel one way about a change and others feel a completely different way?


It comes and we must roll with it. Take what the Lord gives us and let him mold us. Yes, that's what change is for. It lets God shape us into who he wants us to be. Some changes are hard, yet they bring the most good out of us. They set us free and let us explore. Other changes are hard and they shut us up and teach us a lesson. Each kind of change though is a lesson to be learned. Don't waste what God is doing. He has a plan through each change. He knows what is for the best and worst. 

He's got it handled.

Easter Dresses

I know that Easter was a couple weeks away, but I haven't had time to put up a post about these dresses! I absolutely love these dresses. They are super light weight and flowy. I find them so comfortable! Plus the colors fit both my sister's and my personalities perfectly!

These dresses are from Forever 21 and they were only $10. You can't beat a deal like that! Plus they are easy to dress up or down which is always nice!

dresses:Forever 21
necklace: Forever 21

It's Time To Meet The Parents

The nerves...oh nerves. I guess you could partly call them butterflies. I mean butterflies are when you are nervous and excited at the same time right? So butterflies. Tons and tons of butterflies.

First impressions. You only get one. That's it. Just one. One chance...no pressure. It's only one day for a first impression. That's all I get. 

They've heard my name before. They know who I am. You've told them about me. Yet, I am still oh so nervous! I want them to like me. I want them to utterly love me! I like you, and I know you care about them so I want them to like me.

This day has been planned for awhile now. We've been talking about it. Going home. You're taking me home. You've been so excited...I've been nervous. Don't get me wrong I want to meet them. You talk about them all the time. I know they are important to you. They raised you so very well, but I am still nervous. Hearing you talk about everyone, and what we'll do up there. There's a lake, and your mom works that day but your dad has it off. There's good food for lunch, and dinner with your family. Your sister and brother-in-law might join us. So many plans.

I've never had to do this before. I know most parents love me, but I am not confident. I am nervous. I've never had to be brought home to a family. I've always known the parents. This is a new experience. One for the books. You've been reassuring me. "I'll be right there." "They'll love you. I know it!" Yet, nothing calms my nerves. 

So here we go. We're pulling into the parking lot. You say, "Oh look there's my dad, and my mom's car. And my brother and sisters car." The butterflies increase. You park and we exit the car. We're walking up to the breakfast place. You know that I'm nervous. You start to open the door. Here goes nothing!

Halfway Through

It's official! I am done with my 2nd year of college. It's summer time! The above picture is of my best friend Tori and me on the last day of the year. Below is last year, our freshman year, on the last day. It is now a tradition to take one every year. I can't believe that we are half way through. I remember my sophomore year of high school. It all goes by so fast!

I am so blessed by this girl though! She's the best friend a girl could ask for. I can't wait for the next 2 years and getting to walk across that stage with her. Here's to summer time!