Valentines Day Weekend

Happy Valentines Day Weekend! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was seriously incredible. Coming back to the reality of the week as not been so great. I am definitely suffering from a case of the Monday Blues. Hopefully I can get out of this funk by Tuesday..

For Valentines Day Michael and I celebrated by going to Disneyland. We choose to keep this year pretty simple since my birthday and our one year anniversary is right around the corner. Disneyland was pretty packed so we didn't get on a lot of rides, but we enjoyed walking around the parks. We also sat and watched the parade which is something I wouldn't normally do so that was awesome!

Sunday was also a really incredible day. Lauren Conrad and Anna Bond teamed up and had a pop up shop in LA. I had never been to a pop up shop before, and it was so cute! Now I know I will need to go to more (if my bank account can handle it)! The clothes were so cute (a little out of my price range *tear*), but I got some wonderful paper goods and a candle. Not to mention it was really awesome to meet LC! Total fan girl moment for me!

I got back from LA much earlier than expected, and my whole family was home! Which seems to be so rare now a days. It's been really lovely here in So Cal so we barbecued and had dinner out on our back porch. 

As you can see it was pretty incredible weekend! What did you do?

Chambray Dress

My mom is seriously the best thrift shopper/garage sale finder ever. This weekend while I was doing a photo shoot for a project she was garage saling away, and found this dress for me. Now at first when I looked at it on the hanger it wasn't so cute. Isn't it funny how some clothes are like that? Then I put it on, and it was massive. The dress doesn't have much shape to it, but with a belt I fell in love! It is literally so wide I could probably keep this dress and wear it as a shirt once I'm married and pregnant. Yes, it is that large!

I choose to pair it with my black booties since I was at school, but I could have easily paired it with my wedges. Also I love denim! It is so easy to match anything with it. Not to mention it can form to so many different styles. 
Dress: Cotton On (thrifted, similar here and here)
Necklace: Forever 21
Boots: Lux

This Is Not The Outfit Post I Had Planned

So as the title says I had something else planned for this post. I mean this outfit is cute and all, but its just a simple day at school. I was more proud of a different denim outfit. The pictures for that post were on my phone, and I had to go get my phone replaced by apple so away went the pictures. So here's what a simple day at college looks like for me! 

It's been warming up in So Cal, but I always seem to freeze in classrooms so a cardigan is a must! I love having cardigans that are colorful. It seems to bring an extra pop to a simple outfit if you ask me. 
Cardigan:Banana Republic (thrifted; similar here and here)
Shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Lux
Necklace: Nordstrom
Watch: Charming Charlies

Backwards Braid Into A Bun

Sometimes when I actually have the time I do enjoy playing with my hair. I have pretty straight hair, and it can be very slick and slippery so some hairstyles are harder than others for me. My inspiration came from Amber who posted this hairstyle on instagram. Her hair is my absolute favorite, and I think it looked a bit cleaner on her, but I really liked wearing it myself. 

STEP 1: Part your hair. I like mine on the side, but you can do yours however you prefer.
STEP 2: Start at the crown of your head and do a backwards french braid down your head. Once you get to a spot for your bun stop braiding and put a clear elastic to hold the braid in place.
STEP 3: Take the rest of your hair and make a messy bun. 

All done!! Let Amber know you tried out her hairstyle, or I would love to see it too! Tag me on instagram or twitter at @justmissymoo