Bitter Sweet Things

A year ago around this time I wrote this post, Blessed to Be a Blessing. I remember writing this post. I had come home from the event called Pass the Torch, and my heart was so full. I sat on my bed in at that point in time our rental house and just thought over what had happened that night. I was surrounded by people that I really didn't know at all, but yet seemed to have this overwhelming care for me. They were so interested in who I was, and what I was like. They had been in prayer for me, about me, and about the job that I had just been given.

Yet, now a year later I am on the other side of this fence. I am still so extremely blessed by my staff. I cannot express how much I love my job, my fellow interns, and my bosses. This time around Pass the Torch was a very bitter sweet event. I am still holding back tears thinking about the fact that some of these people that I have worked so close with this year are leaving. The bitter part is that the majority of them are graduating seniors. They are leaving CBU and moving on with their lives. I have enjoyed working with them so much this past year. Some of them are the reason that I got involved on my campus. It's so sad to think about not working with them next year.

(excuse the crappy phone quality)

But I said it's bitter sweet! There's a whole other side to this year ending. I am so sad to see these interns and friends leave, yet a whole new group of interns are coming in. Just like I was taking someones place last year the leaving interns are passing the torch to someone new. There are 11 new interns coming aboard next year. They are incredible people who my bosses have chosen wisely and worked very hard to pick. I have gotten to know a few of them already and I cannot wait to work with them next year. 

Next year is very new. There are so many new factors, and it will not be like this past year at all. However, it is still a growing point and a place that I have been put in. I am extremely excited to see what the Lord is going to do next year. I want to continue to bless the students at my school, and now being a returner I want to be able to bless the new interns. I cannot wait to see how the Lord is going to stretch me and the new things I will learn in the coming year. 

Smitten With Me

Smitten is defined by urban dictionary as to be really taken or pleased by someone. Smitten. It's a rather fun word to say. Saying it just kind of makes me smile. Being smitten with someone. It makes me think of the song by Brad Paisley where he talks about being wrapped around a girls finger. 

Wrapped around a finger. To have someone be so smitten with you that they are wrapped around your finger. I never really thought about this. My sister was always the daddy's girl so I didn't have the perfect puppy dog pout. I never learned to bat my eyes to get my way. But yet to have someone wrapped around a finger. 

Smitten with you. Someone could actually be smitten with the way that I'm awkward or have a loud laugh. Smitten with how I run into things, or am hungry all the time. Someone could know how to use to word smitten just like in a Jane Austen novel. 

So maybe just maybe someone could be smitten with me. 

A Fun Filled Weekend

Happy week after Easter! It is so hard for me to go back to school after a break. This was a very short break, but with so little school left having the motivation to finish is not easy! I am doing my best to finish strong though. One more project, and one more final to go! I can do it! 

My weekend started a day early and ended a day late for Easter break! It was so nice having Friday off. Friday I was taken on a very lovely date out to Huntington Library. I had so much fun exploring the botanical gardens and the different exhibits they had there. This place was so beautiful! The gardens are so large and so diverse. They had a desert garden, Japanese, Chinese, Rose Gardens. There were so many. Also the house was large and beautiful! It was like being taken back to Pride and Prejudice with Mr. Darcy's house. At one point there was a room with all these marble statues of people and I couldn't help but think of the scene where Elizabeth visits Mr. Darcy's house with her aunt and uncle. 

I had never been to Huntington Library before and I had such a blast! The weather was beautiful. It was a super cool date!

Saturday I ran errands with my parents. One of those errands ended up with me getting a kitty! If you follow me on twitter than you have already seen this handsome little man! He comes home tonight! I am so excited to get to play with him! Be prepared for more cat pictures. I will not apologize. I mean look at him! He's adorable! 

Sunday was of course Easter. My family went to church in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day together. 

My weekend was extended an extra day and what better way to spend it than at Disneyland! It was nice and warm there. We got to spend all day at the Happiest Place on Earth. It was a blast and I am now exhausted!

I have 2 more days of school and than its finals. I can't believe I am already halfway through college! It has gone by so fast! Hope you're able to finish this school year strong as I am striving too! Good luck on your finals!

He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

Out of everything that we have to be thankful for the price that Jesus paid for us is something that tops it all. True sacrificial love. It's something that is even hard to comprehend, yet I know that I was not worth it and Christ died for my sins anyway. So here's to a day that is not about the candy, baskets, or bunnies. It's a day to celebrate that our Savior is living. That he defeated death, Satan, and sin. He died so that we may live life to the fullest. A life that is glorifying to Him.

It's The Little Things

This morning my devotion was on not blowing past the simple things that God does for us every day. Being someone who loves the simplicity of life I can completely appreciate this. To me the little things are worth so much more than the big things at times. Here's some little moments in my life that I have loved and appreciated as of late.

--Coming home to find that my mom brought home a bouquet of tulips that are now in the center of the dining room table. 

--Spending time outside enjoying the weather

--Having a butterfly or humming bird fly past.

--Getting out of class early 

--Grabbing starbucks with my little sister

--Looking at the beautiful moon only to realize that he's watching me

--Putting on an outfit that makes me feel utterly pretty and girly.

--Driving with my windows down, music up, and sun shining

--When someone asks how my day was

--Making plans with a friend

This simple tasks make up our day to day lives. I love looking back and thinking of the little things that make my heart full! 

What are little things you appreciate in your every day life?

A Weekend Outside

This weekend was a fairly busy one! Yet, I'm okay with that. I had a good time!

Friday night my sister and I headed down to Disneyland. It was kind of a dud, but that's okay. We don't normally go Friday nights and a lot of rides were closed so the majority of wait times were really long. Oh well! It was still a fun little trip. That is definitely a benefit of having a pass.

Saturday was my boss' little girl's first birthday! It is such a blessing to work with a boss that includes us in his family. I had a lot of fun hanging out with the other interns and celebrating this beautiful little girl!

After the party my family went to a park to enjoy the wonderful weather we have been having here in Southern California. It was a nice evening as a family!

Sunday morning, my family and I went to church and then met up with a friend of mine. We went and saw the movie Non-Stop, then went out to dinner. That movie was so intense! After dinner Michael, and I went on a walk. It was a really nice Sunday. Afterwards him, my sister, and I went to a local park and played catch. It was a perfect way to end the weekend!

How has the weather been where you live? Is it nice enough to enjoy the sunshine?

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I'm exhausted. I am so thankful that it is the weekend. 

Dear Weekend, You don't really slow down for me huh? Just keep on blazing through! Here's to hoping I can feel accomplished.

Dear Weeks Ahead, You are jam packed. I am almost done with school and you just are packing in the projects and events. It is all going to be very fun with very little sleep.

Dear Life, Lately you have been a roller coaster...I'd appreciate evening out. I don't like this good times and bad. I'd prefer that we stick with the good times. I'm sick of the bad. It's time for some just plain good days. 

Dear Weather, I have spent an abnormal amount of time outside this past week and I have loved it. It feels like spring/summer and it is perfect! I really hope it stays like this for a while!

Exactly Where I Need To Be

Maybe what they say is true. You know you've seen them. I've talked about them before. There's so many articles out there that talk about you 20's and what people have learned through them, or what you should do while going through those 10 years. 

I didn't really expect to relate to these articles at all. Yet, I knew that things would change. Things have been changing for me for awhile now. God's been changing me and molding me for months now. I have learned so much since December; about Him and myself. However, maybe I still wasn't ready for those changes, maybe no one was, and maybe no one is.

Yet, here I am not knowing where I am going or what my desires are anymore. I'm just ready for the day ahead of me and the tomorrow that God is going to throw my way. I'm ready to pray and make each decision as they come. My plans are gone and I just want to go onto the next thing. I'm 20 and I'm different than I was when I was 19. I'm different than 18 and the years before. Things are very different now. 

And ya know what?! I'm okay with it. I'm okay that I'm single. I'm okay that I don't have a plan. I'm okay with everything. I am content with my life and exactly where God has me. I'm ready for the changes that 20 brings. I'm ready to be lost and I'm ready to find myself. I know that no matter what God has a plan and that it's just for me. He's prepared even when I am not and when everyone else isn't either. 

So the next time someone asks what I'm going to do after college I don't need to feel scared. I don't need to think about that right now. God knows and that's what matters. He'll get me to exactly where I need to be. 

Do We Want the Gift or the Giver?

This question was posed to me this past weekend. How often when we are in times of trial or uncomfortable situations do we simply ask God to remove the situation? When we are a little lost, or don't know where the Lord is taking us what kind of questions are we asking God?

When we are uncomfortable and don't know what is ahead of us we start to feel a little lost. We aren't sure where the Lord is leading. I know that at times like these its really easy for me to simply ask God for something. Sometimes its peace, comfort, or just a way out. Yet how often do I simply ask for God himself? Rare...maybe... 

How come when we are in those tough situations we just don't ask for God's presence? He's our dad. Just like little kids we should be running to sit on our daddy's lap. We should just enjoy his presence in a hard time rather than be begging for a gift from him. He see's the bigger picture and he knows what is ahead yet we still beg for what we think we need in the situation.

I know I am completely guilty of this! I constantly just want to get through a rough time. I don't want to learn a lesson or enjoy the fact that God's presence is closest through those trials. Yet, I should. I should just want God and nothing more. I should strive to always want Christ above everything. Above happiness, above comfort, and above love. God knows exactly what I need and by climbing onto my daddy's lap and just enjoying him I know that's where I will be safe. 

So here's to trying to just enjoy the Giver of all things rather than the gifts He gives.

Monday..Oh Monday

Happy Monday Friends! Monday...oh Monday...I am exhausted but I can say I had a pretty good weekend! Exhausting but good! Now it is back to the grind and I can say I'm ready for Monday to be over with too. It's time to go back to bed...

This weekend started with a very nice date Friday night. I got taken out to dinner and a movie. We went and saw Captain America 2! Sooo good! I totally recommend it.

Saturday was the Christian College Leadership Conference. I was at school all day! It was an awesome time! The speaker was Josh Riebock who I absolutely loved! He's a story teller so the message were really captivating. It was really cool to be able to spend the day with next years staff too.

After the conference our new staff got together for about a 2 and a half hour brainstorming session. Halfway through we were all kind of fading and my awesome bosses brought us back slurpee's and snacks. Totally the pick me up we all needed! The brainstorming session made me super excited to work with everyone. 

Sunday was spent shopping for dad with the family. Ofcourse my sister and I had to take a selfie!

Sunday my friend, Michael, came over and him, my sister, and I went to a park and played some basketball. Then we finished the evening by watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4. 

I'd say it was a lovely but packed weekend! Now back to the school grind. Only about 3 more weeks! It's so crazy how fast it is all going by. 

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Happy Weekend

Dear Readers, I am so sorry for my lack of involvement on this blog the last week. Life has been so busy, and my normal free time this week has not been so free. I also cannot complain about having something to do! Hopefully, I will have more content this coming week.

Dear April, Your arrival brings the end of school, and the end of my job. This makes me very sad. I am excited to move onto the next year, but it is still bitter sweet leaving the old behind.

Dear Weekend, You are very busy! I am not really looking forward to you. Here's to hoping that some relaxation is involved.

Dear School, You are starting to get very busy. I knew this was coming and yet I still do not feel prepared. Here's to hoping the stress does not become to bad!

Dear Life, I am really enjoying you right now! Can we stay like this for awhile? please and thank you!