Twirp Week

The past week has been so crazy! My office puts on a whole week of events called T.W.I.R.P. week. This stands for The Women Is Required to Pay. It's like a Sadie Hawkins, but instead of a dance it is like a whole week of events that girls can ask guys to. It is a tradition at CBU. I was so pumped to be able to be a part of it this year! However, now that it was over I can say that it definitely went amazing, but I am so tired! I can't wait to get back to a routine.

Monday night was the kick off for twirp week. The first event was the Elenown concert. This concert was the event that my team had to work for the most. We were able to set up the back drop of lights, and the pallets. It was so beautiful! My team did such an amazing job! The concert was incredible too! They were such an awesome band. This event was the first of two that Donny could go too. Since he doesn't go to my school he can't go to the events that we pay for.

Tuesday night was the Angel's Baseball Game. This was so much fun! I took my best friend, Tori, as my date. We never seem to have enough time to talk, so spending long periods of time together is always nice for us! 

Wednesday was create a date, so my office had the night off. I took the night to catch up on all the homework I had to do.

Thursday was the classic barn dance. I took Tori as my date again. The barn dance is a costume party and we were burglars. There were so many great costumes!

Friday night was the Medieval Times event. This is a local place that gives you dinner and a show. Going there is like going to an old medieval castle. You don't have any silverware with dinner so you have to eat everything with your hands. Also, when you get there you are given a color which indicates what knight you root for. The knights ride horses, and joust. It is so awesome! 

Last night was the final night of twirp. The event was called surf n' twirp. Some of the boys on my staff gave surf lessons, and we made them dinner. Plus what's a beach day without a bonfire?! It was so fun! This was only the second event of the ween that D could go to. It was so nice to spend the whole day with him. Plus, he is such a hard worker! He helped out my staff so much! I am incredibly blessed by him!

So that was my past week! How is your weekend going?

Wooden Sign #2

Welcome to Sign Number 2! If you want to check out the first one click here. I have found I love painting signs! Maybe it comes from reading all about Jena's fun DIY project, but I have come to love being crafty too! I remember my mom painting wooden signs when I was little. We still have so many that she painted as decoration outside. Now I guess it's my turn. Let's go dive in!
Here is the wood that I started with. I didn't put these two pieces of wood together. My mom already had this sign in the back yard. The paint had just worn off with time. However, if you wanted to make a sign like this the two pieces were just screwed together.
My first step was to outline the lettering. Once again I found an idea of what I wanted off pinterest, and then free handed the letters onto the wood. This time around I used a white colored pencil since a lead one did not show up on just the wood. Then I just went to work with my paint!

Next, I used the stencils to outline my sunflower. My mother warned me about using the stencil, but of course I had to make the mistake for myself. Stencils are really hard to keep in the same place. Also, if you don't hold them down hard enough the paint leaks underneath and then you are just in a whole mess! Now that I have used one I would just recommend drawing it out or doing it by hand.

Here is the final product! I pretty proud of it myself! Excuse the water spot around my purple flower I had to wipe a bit of paint off.

What do y'all think?

So here is to seeing what the next craft is!

One Tired Friday

Dear Friday, My week does not end until Sunday, and I am ready for a break! I am exhausted and done. Is a boring ol' weekend coming soon?
Dear D, Thank you for being so understanding this week of my busy schedule. I miss you so so much! I can not wait until we find some sort of rythm this year. I also want to thank you for being such a help on Monday, and for all of the help that you'll do tomorrow. You are such a blessing!
Dear Weather, PICK ONE!! Either be hot, or be cold...I would prefer cold. Yet, this cold in the moring, hot in the afternoons, and cold in the evenings is not funny and completely rude! I don't know how to dress to be prepared for you. So I ould really appreciate it if you picked something already.
Dear School, Is it time for a break yet?

Red Lipstick *muah*

I know today is normally a life lately post, but since my week is still going on full ahead with all of the events at school I decided to just do a post on Sunday about all the events this week. So today you will just have to wait to see what I've been up to! Or go check out my instagram....I know shameless plug there!
Also, I have to say here really quick that it was raining today!!! AH! I know right! Cold weather! Have I not mentioned how much I want that yet? Oh well I am so happy!!
I really wish I could have done an outfit of the day post, but I didn't have time to have my sister take a picture this morning. I was running out the door to head to class. Instead I shall just tell you what I am wearing. Use your imagination with me here!
I have on my brown combat boots, dark hollister jeans, a black and white stripped top, and that green army jacket. Just to brag about my boyfriend really fast he bought me that jacket. Isn't he the best?
Also, how can I forget about the red lips!? I mean you noticed them didn't you? Isn't that the point of wearing red lips, to make those suckers noticeable? I mean just by putting that stuff on makes you want to pucker up and make those duck faces! Or maybe that is just me...
Isn't it great how wearing red lipstick makes you feel? I know for me it makes me feel powerful, and beautiful. Red lipstick makes me feel like I can take on the world! That nothing is going to stop me today! Now only if that were true...
So readers! Put some red lipstick on today with you heeled boots and walk proudly! I hope y'all day goes well!

How does red lipstick make you feel?


Today is a blah day. I am incredibly tired, and I think I am getting a cold. So here's a quick post that I got from A Girl Smitten who got Pip. I think its a cute way to let you know what I'm up to.

Making: a pouty face about how much I don't want to work or be at school
Cooking: mac and cheese...well technically I am just warming it up in the microwave, but you get the idea
Drinking: my water!
Reading: other blogs. Blogs make me happy!
Wanting: new boots. I want a pair of flat footed tall ones, and new combat boots.
Looking: at all the other college students around me in our school cafe right now. What can I say? I people watch.
Playing: Coeur De Pirate. For some reason French music and fall seem to just go hand in hand. Plus I find it really calming.
Wasting: time I guess. Time that I could be doing other things, but I just want to relax.
Sewing: a quilt...that I have been sewing since my freshman year of high school so I do not think that really counts.
Wishing: for colder weather...have I mentioned that yet?
Enjoying: college life, and having something to do.
Waiting: for a break or a day off of school and homework.
Liking: all the new wooden signs I am finding on pinterest! Craft day anyone?
Wondering: what the weekend holds
Loving: fall colors!

Hoping: for D to get a better job.
Marvelling: at how fast life goes by!
Needing: a nice hot cup of tea!
Smelling: nothing really...
Wearing: a t-shirt and jeans. Today was my bum it day.
Following: Zipped
Noticing: how much my professor talk
Knowing: that God is in control no matter what!
Thinking: how much I miss my boyfriend!
Bookmarking: I don't bookmark I follow on maybe this one should be more blogloved?

Opening: new work e-mails.
Giggling: with my best friend last night. So fun!
Feeling: tired...oh so tired.

So there's what I have been up to! If you have another question comment below and I'll answer! I love hearing from you all!

How I Feel About Autumn

Since the first day of Autumn was this weekend I have decided to do a post completely dedicated to fall. Nothing can explain how happy I am that Autumn is finally here! I seriously love every season. I am not the type of person that only loves summer, or winter. I love them all! I feel like each season has its time. Yet, when that time is over I am completely ready for the next season. So yes, I am sad that summer is over. I already miss all the free time that I had, but I am ready for the cold. I love the boots, sweaters, scarves, leaves, and warm drinks. It all just makes me so happy!

Lately all of the stores have been bringing out the dark colored pants, scarves, the jackets, and the long sleeves. Where I live, here in Southern Cali, it has not quite gotten cold. We are still waiting for another 5-10 degrees to drop, and then I can finally switch out those short sleeves! However, I am still wearing my boots and changing out the bright nail polishes for the darker ones. Even Disneyland has brought out the fall colored flags, and pumpkinheads.
Don't pumpkins, and apples just make you happy? They sure do make me giddy! My family has a tradition of putting up all the fall stuff. Everyone has been really busy lately, and since I was the first one to have spare free time I was able to get down the fall box, and put up the scarecrows, and leaves. Now my house is festive, and I am feeling the excitement for fall even more! While putting up all of the fall decor I could not help but light my pumpkin scented candles. Everything is so spicy and it is all perfect!
Now it is just time to wait for the colder weather. It's time to make plans for the corn maze, and pumpkin carving as well!
What are your favorite things about fall? Are you excited or do you prefer a different season?

Boring Ol' Weekend

Sadly, I don't have any pictures from this weekend! I didn't do much. Saturday I did homework and chores. My mom took my sister and I thrift shopping, yet I completely struck out and didn't find anything! I know...sad day! We met up with my dad for dinner, and then played the card game skip bo. That was really fun! It was a nice day spent with family.

Sunday, Donny taught the jr highers, and then we went to church with my family. That night we had a church leaders meeting.

See nothing really special... This week is going to be a super busy one for me though. Please forgive my lack of posts now. I am going to try my best! Every night this week I have an event for school. Tonight the week starts off with a concert. I do promise that I will try and take lots of pictures throughout the week though! Stay tuned for those!

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Such A Good Friday!

Dear Friday, I am thrilled that you are here! So far you have been a fabulous day! This morning I had two hot teas, both were spicy and just felt like fall. Not to mention it was foggy this morning, and walking around until about 12:30 I just wished I had a sweater on. This day has been wonderful. I get to see D tonight, and I painted another sign. Everything about you, Friday, has been good. I hope the weekend follows in suit.

Dear Fall, Can you work on coming quicker please? Thank you!

Dear School, You haven't been to hard on me yet. Which slightly makes me nervous since it never seems to be like that!

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Frogs, and Football

Hello Lovelies!
How are your weeks going? It's almost Friday!! Any plans for the weekend?
Here are sme pictures describing my week!
This little guy was found in our plants in our front yard. We have found about 3 of the little frogs. I find them seriously fascinating!
This was a shot I got from my school's Monday Night Flag Football game. It was so fun! A bunh of my friends were playing, and both of their teams won!

Tuesday my sister and I went on a little shopping trip after school. It was a nice little break from all of the schol work. Plus, I got a scarf for 99 cents! Thank you Forever 21 sale!
On our little shopping trip I found that Bath and Body Works is now selling pumpkin candles...yes you read that correct! I know! Y'all have to go get some! This one is the sweet cinnamon pumpkin. I love it! It makes the whole room smell like fall. Which makes me happy!
I hope you finish your weeks strong!

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I Am Grateful For Fall, and God's Peace

I am grateful for....
Fall, Fall Colors, and Anything Pumpkin....It has been incredibly hot here in Southern California. Yet, today I woke up and it was foggy outside! I was beyond thrilled! I even got to pull out a sweater like shirt this morning. Sadly, the fog burned off around noon, but it was still cold this morning! I happen to love all of the seasons, and I am extremely thankful that fall is just around the corner.
God's Never Ending Peace....I woke up in a panic today because I forgot a piece of homework. I know that this completely ruins what I said I was going to strive to do in the last post. I can say that I did stop and do my devotion, pray, and try to calm my heart beat. Yet, I did fail to get out of bed with a good attitude and proceeded to snap at my mom and sister. So I am thankful that as the day went on I knew that God would provide, and He did. I was able to calm myself with his help, and I know tomorrow will be a better day.
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Thoughts Before Bed

shirt: old navy via a garage sale
jeans: hollister
shoes: target
this is when D interrupted my little photo shoot
Hi friends!
How are your weeks going? Mine has been good so far! I haven't had to much homework so that has been nice!
Today I want to about an assignment I had this past week. We were told to write in a journal for 10 minutes every night before we went to sleep. We were to write about whatever was on our mind. Whether it be a to do list, about our day, or anything on our minds. At the end of the week we were to write a summery paper about our journals.
Something that I noticed was that each night I seemed to stress myself out thinking about what I had to do the next day, or during that week. I would start to make a list of what I had to do the next day in my classes, or what homework I would need to the night after.
I have realized that this is no where near helpful for my sleep. It only causes me more stress, and then as I lay there trying to sleep I focus on what I need to do rather than what the Lord has blessed me with from the day.
Now that I have realized this, I want to strive to focus on what the Lord has given me rather than the things that went wrong during the day, or my list of to do's. I want to thank Him for what He has done for me not forget and move on to the next day.
What do you guys think about before you go to bed?

Just Some Ramblings

Do you ever feel like you just have nothing to say? There is just nothing to compute. Well that is how I feel today. This feeling may come from the soreness of my chest and throat. All I want to do is curl up with some tea, a blanket, and a movie. However since the projected weather was 102 today in beautiful Southern California a blanket, and tea just do not seem to be ahead of me today. I know 102! I mean it is the middle of September, and autumn is supposedly coming. When? I am not sure, but it's coming. I just seem to keep telling myself that as I put my boots back in the closet and grab for my sandals. It's sad, and I would prefer my boots. I have worn them lately, with a tank top or short sleeve shirt. Since it is way to hot for a sweater!

Anyway, back to having nothing to say. I really really don't. I don't have a topic to talk about with y'all today. I don't seem to have anything that interests me, or something that I heard that made me go "Yes! Blog post!" So today just seems to be a tid bit of ramblings from yours truly. Maybe this is just a case of the Monday's, and I just don't have the energy or motivation to do anything. Yes, maybe that's it. I am not really sure.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a topic for you. Maybe something will fascinate me, or come to me. Anything you want to hear about?

Well there is my ramblings for today. Now it seems I must get back to my paper. Yay! Can you hear my excitement...

Monday Is Coming

So I know that it is not Monday yet, but it is right around the corner! I hope your weekends have been very good!
Mine was pretty chill. Saturday morning my parents had some window guys over to change out some windows that were not updated in the house. This meant that I had to be up early. -_- I know I mean Saturday and the word early should not be anywhere near each other! However, mine was. So mom fixed this problem by taking us girls out yard saling. That was fun! I found some cute shirts! Later Saturday evening Donny came over and I made pasta and we watched a movie.
Today my family went to church and then out to lunch. Then I did homework. That was pretty much it. Nothing special at all! However, I did enjoy a chill weekend.
What did you all do? Anything special?


Do you ever just sit and think about life? Just sit and think. What you are doing with you life, or where it is headed? Thinking about those very important people that you surround yourself with. The things you want to happen, and the things that have happened in the past. Just day dreaming. Dreaming about the house you will have one day, your kids, or your wedding day. Maybe just scrolling through your pinterest board brings on thoughts like those.

These thoughts seem to come to me when I get bored, when I am laying in bed at night, or when I am in the shower. It's those times when you go what's next? Am I happy with what I am doing right now? or even the little mermaid singing "I want moreee!" They seem to sneak up on me and I get those small desires of wanting to hurry life along.

This is where God has been teaching me patience! Lots and lots of patience...and contentment. I can honestly say I love my life. I love being a college student! I am loving making new friends, and I enjoy dating. However, there is also those little thoughts that creep up about wanting to move out, get married, and start a family. It's that feeling of wanting to grow up, and get on to the next stage of life.

I know that I enjoy where I am at now, and I have to just focus on that. I have to just stop and smell the roses. I think I have posted about this before, but it is something that I constantly have to remind myself of. To just enjoy what is going on around me. Not to try to push forward. So here's to trying. To just enjoying life.

I do try, I do love life. Sometimes I just want to be married. Sometimes I just want what's next. Yet, who but God knows what is next? We sure don't. What I may believe what the next stage of life is may not be what God has next for me. That is where I just have to pray for the contentment in the moment. To just focus on the fun things going on around me.

Anyone have any advice?

Life Lately With Lots of School

Hello Friends!
Can you believe this week is almost over?! I can't. My first week of school is almost over. It seems to go by so fast, and yet so slow. Most of my "Life Lately" is just school. I don't have any pictures of that one. Biology, and British Lit doesn't seem interesting enough to take a picture of! So here are two pictures that were involved in my week.

My sister and I had a small little girls night and watched Pocahontas.

This was my sister's reaction to finding out we were taking her to New York!
That has pretty much been my week! Lots and lots of school work! How are your weeks going?
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I Am Grateful for Safety, and Travel

I am grateful for...
Safety... Today is September 11th, and in light of that safety, and our country have been on everyone's minds today. I think that we get in a rut of thinking we live in America, and we are invincible. No one can touch us here. Then things like the Boston Bombing happens, or 9/11. It seems so long ago, and I was very young when it did happen. Yet, I cannot forget. So today, and every day I am thankful that the Lord keeps us safe. Last night my church had a bomb threat here in Southern California. That also brings up the idea of safety, and how much we take it for granted. Everything seems so far away until it isn't anymore. So thank the men and women around you who keep us safe, and thank the Lord above for how often he keeps us safe and we do not see it. 
Travel... I love to travel. When my family doesn't go on a vacation I get the travel bug. My parents told my sister yesterday (I've known for a few days now) that my family is going to New York for the Thanksgiving holiday and her birthday. I am so over thrilled! I cannot wait! I get to see a real fall, and the Macy's parade. I am so thankful that God has granted us with the funds, and the ability to travel.
What are you thankful for this week?
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Home Is Where Your Mama Is

This is the sign that I started with. My mom found it when we were moving, and I have been saving it to paint on! If you don't have an actual sign, any piece of wood will work. I love everything about wood signs, and was so excited to make this one! I found the saying at a little flea market that my mom had taken my sister, and me too. This saying is so me! I love my mom, and could seriously never move away from her! If you know me personally, you know this! I go shopping and still send my mom pictures of what I am buying...all to get her opinion. I just love my mom! So let's jump in, and maybe you all can make a sign too!
The first step is to paint the whole board pink. That is just the color I choose (it's my favorite) but you can choose whatever color you want! I painted the sign a few times and let it dry between layers. This made sure that I covered everything and evenly.
Next, I went on pinterest and found the lettering that I wanted. I was going to use a stencil, but I found that to just be to difficult, and writing it out myself was wayyyy simpler! You can only kind of see the writing in the picture. Sorry about that!
Next I started out with my white paint and a smaller detail brush and went over the letters that I had penciled in. I did this one time just to get the letters, and then I went through and did the edges to get a straighter line.
After I finished all the writing I went in and drew with a pencil the house. Then painted over it again just how I wanted.
Here is the final project! I totally am loving it and can't wait to hang it up!

Relaxing Weekend

Hello Lovelies!

How was your weekends? Mine was completely relaxing! Which was quite a change from the last 2 weeks!

Friday night I stayed home all by myself and took a nice long shower and then crawled into my parents bed and watch pride and prejudice. I have seriously been craving to watch that movie for weeks now! I just love England, and I mean Mr. Darcy...what girl can resist him?!
It was so nice to do nothing all night long!

Saturday my mom took my sister and me out to our outlet mall to do some school shopping. We are a very close family, and getting to spend time us girls was lovely! We came home and watch The Great Gatsby and my mom made dinner.

Sunday I wasn't feeling to well and mostly sat at home. I had some homework and chores to do. My sister went to Disneyland and I stayed home with my parents.

We went out and got a little treat last night too. 
It was a completely relaxing weekend since school has started. I really enjoyed it!
What did you guys do?