I Will Be Back

I am stopping on by my little corner of the internet to tell you all that I have been doing training all week for my new job on my college campus. They have had the whole week planned for us and we have barely gotten a break!

I will not be posting again until September 2nd. I feel so awful for leaving my blog until then, but I have training and so much to do at my school!

So I do love you all, and I miss hearing from you but I am busy until then!

I Am Grateful For My School

I am grateful for....
Being able to go to a Christian School...I love my school. There is no doubt about that. I was very hesitant to go there when I was applying for colleges. Yet, God had a plan in it all! I just love it here! Lately, my sister has been visiting colleges as she is now making her choice of where to attend. I have been on one college tour with her. The minute I walked onto that other campus it made me realize how thankful I am for the wonderful school I have. California Baptist University has a seriously beautiful campus. It is just gorgeous. Not only that but the fact that it is a private university is incredible. I am truly blessed that I am able to afford (or rather not afford...darn student loans) to go there. Just thinking about what students have to deal with going to a UC or a community college is crazy. Walking on to a campus where kids are high or drunk, or where the classes are talking about gay marriage. Our world is already such a broken place, and I am shielded from so much of it being able to go to a Christian University. I am truly truly blessed!

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Striving Not To Judge

Okay readers! This post is going to be a real, open, heartfelt post. I want to talk about something I took away from camp this weekend. One thing that a speaker said was how we as Christians are called to take on Christ's heart and to love others the way He loves us. I know that since I have grown up in the church this concept is nothing new to me. However, lately it has taken on a whole new meaning to me.
I can be a super judgmental person. I know this about myself. I also know that I may not be very friendly. I am not one to judge someone for their past or anything like that! I know everyone has their past mistakes and their own story. I myself have my own. Yet, I seem to judge a person in my own mind based on their personality or the way they ma act with friends. This being said I am nice! I have no problem being nice to people, and I am super compassionate. One gift that God has given me is how much I care for others. I love to listen to someone's story, and I love to be able to pray for them. Yet, I also am a people watcher, and can tell what kind of a person someone is from the beginning. This causes me to judge people very  very quickly. Most of my close friends also know that I will never be fake, and I do not put up with fake people. After so many years of not putting up with drama and crap that many girls can cause I have very few close girlfriends.
This weekend I realized that by being judgmental and not always putting up with people I may not come off as nice or loving them as Christ loves the church. This right there is wrong. I want others to know that I love them because Christ loves them.
With the start of my new job on my school campus it has really made me think of the type of woman I want to come off as. I remember coming onto campus my freshman year and how everyone was so nice and welcoming. That is one of my favorite aspects of my college. I also remember meeting the girls in my office now and how sweet they were and are to me. Now that I get to be apart of this office and be one of those girls that people know and see when they come onto campus I have asked myself the question "who are they going to see when they meet me?"
I know that I do not want others to think of me as rude or unkind. I want to be known as helpful, loving, friendly, and kind. I know that I don't have to change who I am or start putting up with drama, but yet I can strive to be not as judgmental. God listens and doesn't judge us for our personality or the way we may act at time so why should I be judging others? If I am truly having a heart that Christ has for others then I am going to love them unconditionally. Just as Christ loves me.
I challenge y'all to evaluate yourselves and how often you may look at others and judge them.

The Future

The Future #quote #reminder #motivation #typography
Last Sunday marked the leaving of another job for me. Yes, I was sad to see the people go. I really enjoyed it there, and I loved the girls that I worked with. However, I am so excited for the future! I know that the future can be a very scary thing in life. I can remember going into middle school or high school and even graduating. There are always scary times in life. When a person does not know what is going to happen next.

However, I think that by not knowing what is going to happen we also have an exciting time on our hands. We have the opportunity to let God direct our path. It gives us the opportunity to trust him with whatever is going to happen next.

This is how I am looking at the coming year of college. I have my new internship starting today. I have no idea what this holds for me, or for my life. I am very excited to start something new, and I am eager to start already.

But with this eagerness always comes a sense of worry. I know that I must give this worry to Christ though. He can handle it. It is that sense of nerves that comes when we as humans don't know how to handle what is coming. It is a new circumstance that we may have never been through before. It's a new sort of roller coaster that we do not know what bumps and dips are ahead. However, I know that I have to just give all of my nervous to Christ. I know that he knows what the path ahead holds. He knows what bumps, lows, and highs are coming. And I just have to trust that he is going to protect me.

With all of my nervous though I am mostly excited. Excited to finally have friends at school, and excited to have a life and a group again. I cannot wait to plan, and do what I love. Being organized and planning is one of my strong points, and this is a job that I can finally use the gifts that God has given me. I cannot wait to finally put those gifts to use, and even learn how to use them better!

So here it is! To starting something new!

The Weekend Full of Camp

Hello Everyone!
I am safely down the mountain and home from a wonderful weekend at camp! It was a lot of fun, and a TON of learning and stretching with Jesus. It was so awesome to be able to go up there as a student and ready to learn rather than a leader being ready to teach 12 jr. high girls. It was so enjoyable being up there with D and getting to worship and sit in service together. That is something so rare, and so precious to me! Camp went from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I am so happy to be home after barely any sleep, but I had a wonderful time.
Now I did my best to document as much as I could...and if I do say so I think I did a pretty good job!
This is what most of the camp looks like. That is the cafeteria and I was standing at the rec center taking the picture. The camp is up in our local mountains here in Southern California. It is a Christian camp, and our church uses it for almost all of the retreats that they do.

This was on Saturday morning in the chapel before service got started. Isn't my boyfriend handsome? ;)

This was my leader, Jacquelyn. I absolutely love her! She was amazing!

Saturday afternoon they give us about 4 hours of free time to just hang out and have some fun. This was a shot I captured while D was trying to teach me to play pool. I almost beat him! However, I think that might be impossible as he is a really good pool player...or whatever that would be called. During free time I also went off of this crazy tree swing that they have for us campers up there. It was so scary, and so much fun!

Just being cute on a bridge...you know how we girls do!

Saturday night after the message they led us outside to a bonfire where we had a seriously amazing time of worship. Worship alone is one of my favorite things to do. I really feel God's presence when I just am able to sit at his feet and sing to him about his glory. Being able to worship outside, under the stars, and surrounded by the Lord's amazing creation is super incredible to me. 
That was the last picture that I captured from camp this weekend. Sunday they did one last message and then a baptism. Camp is seriously one of my favorite things that we do as a church. It is so eye opening and you are able to focus on so much more with out all of the distractions of life.
How was your weekends? Do anything special?
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Dear Readers, I am so thankful for you all! Thank you for reading this little corner of the internet. I appreciate you all!
Dear Weekend, This is my last weekend before my internship starts, and then very closely school follows. This weekend I am going to camp. Which I am also very nervous for!
Dear Camp, I may not know what to expect, but I am a bit excited. I hope to make new friends this weekend.
Dear Monday, I do not dread your coming this time. I have waited to start my job for a very long time now! I cannot believe it is finally here. I hope you are fabulous!


Life Lately

Life lately via D's and my Iphone/ instagam
Monday I was blessed with some extra time, and extra money. So I met up with my wonderful friend Tori and we went and got our nails done and stopped in at a local coffee shop for some iced tea. It was such a lovely time spent with a great friend!
D snapped this picture on Tuesday night while we were at a Bible study. Tuesday nights have become one of my favorite times of the week. We rarely get to go to church together and once school starts again I don't know how often I'll be able to attend this lovely little study. So for now I am enjoying the time that we have had to spend together.
Now this little lately picture is a surprise! Yes, it is a sign...but it is going to be a post in the near future! So be on the look out because I have been crafting!
Hope you all are staying tuned! 
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I Am Grateful For Breezes, and New Clothes

I am grateful for...

A breeze....Here in Southern California it can get very hot. Especially over the summer! I love to sit outside in the sun, but I also appreciate a cool breeze. I like to think of it as a little gift from God. When you are either laying outside in the sun, or just sitting there enjoying nice weather and a breeze blows on by. It's like a short little hug from God. So thank you Lord for breezes.

gotta love Blair Waldorf
New Clothes...Both my mama, and D have blessed me this past week with new clothes. I took a pay cut, and anything new is such a blessing to have. We as women love to feel nice and look pretty. I am no stranger to wanting to look cute. My mama has always taught both my sister and I how to thrift and find good deals. Yet, I realized how often do we stop and are thankful for the good deals that we find? So this week I am thankful for new clothes, and the amazing prices that I found them for!
P.S. I choose the picture of Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) I mean...she's Blair!
What are you thankful for this week?
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I did it! I worked out!

shirt: forever 21
jeans: Hollister
shoes: Target
necklace: forever 21

Hi Ladies!
As I promised more outfit posts! I know that these pictures are not the best, and do not do this shirt justice! Please forgive that! I am working on finding the best places to take pictures at the new house. Hopefully the next outfit post will be better.
I just have to talk about this outfit for a second though! I have been wanting that shirt for awhile now! I mean it's in my favorite color! I know that the picture doesn't really show the design on the front but there is a floral design. I just didn't want to pay full price for it at Forever. Saturday, when Donny took me shopping I was thrilled to find it in the sale section! AND an even better thing was that it was only $5. I mean you cannot beat that!
Also the jeans...Hollister is having a huge sale on all jeans right now. Those ones were $35 and I also got a pair for $20. I mean I could not pass that deal up either.
The one thing that I did want to tell you all was that this morning I got up at 6:00. Why you may ask would I do such a horrid thing as my summer is barely coming to a close? Well I got up and went to the gym with my friend Tori. Those of you who know me personally know that this is a huge feat in itself. The getting up early thing I can do no problem. The working out thing though. It's amazing! I am going to try and be more consistent with working out. I could use all the moral support I can get! Do any of you have anything you like to do at the gym? or any motivation tips to help me?
Thanks for reading!


Boring Ol' Weekend

Hello Lovelies!
My weekend was rather boring. I worked almost all of it. However, Sunday was my last day at Color Me Mine. I am sad to leave, and I think I will be back for Christmas. However, I am very excited to start my internship at school. I am ready for the next steps in life!
Saturday morning my family had a garage sale. We are finally able to get rid of all the junk from the old house. The new house is finally coming along nicely. If you guys would like a post on the house tour please comment and tell me! Anyway, the garage sale went nicely and God really blessed us in getting rid of all the big furniture.

Saturday after work D took me shopping. I really cannot say how thankful I am for him. I do not always have the money to buy new clothes, and he blesses me abundantly! It was a lot of fun, and we scored some serious deals! I promise outfit posts to come! That night we took a walk around my new neighborhood.

The street I live on is slightly secluded, and no one drives down there unless they live there. I couldn't turn down the opportunity to dance in the street. It was very fun!
That concludes my weekend. As I said before it was pretty boring. Nice and chill days. I just wan to leave you all with a few words. I found this quote on pinterest, and I really love it. I think that the whole world has an "I" issue. Pride is the hardest thing to get rid of, and the world would be a much a better place without it. So today think of your pride, and how it affects how you treat others.

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Happy Weekend

Dear Weekend, Once again I am indifferent to your coming. However, with you comes the end of my job at Color Me Mine. Sunday is my last day there, and I am sad to be leaving.
Dear Coworkers, I really do not want to leave my job, but I must. I will miss you all very much and cannot wait to join you again at Christmas!
Dear D, Thank you for sticking with me even though I can be stubborn, and very mood at times. I know we bicker, and I know that's just who we are, but thank you for putting up with me. You really are the best boyfriend ever.
Dear Blogging World, I love you. I find it so fascinating how I can never have met you people and yet you are all so nice! Thank you for being so nice. I cannot wait to get to know more of you and get to know you all better!

I Am Grateful

Hi My Friends,

Today I am linking up with Sarah. She has started this link up called I am grateful. Now my Wednesday posts are sometimes very scattered, and sometimes missed. I hadn't even planned on posting today. However, I am really excited about this link up, and I am definitely going to do my best now to make sure I am linking up every week!

Before I dive right in I want to talk about Sarah's blog. I really find her inspiring, and her posts are so interesting to read. She really makes me think. Now being me, and always seeming to be trying to catch up on my reading, I was a few posts behind. Today I read her post Positivity...and a question?. I really related to this post, because I am not one to always look at the bright side of life. My sister will sometimes say to me goodness Mariah I don't try and find the bad in people. Which sadly, can be true abut me. I will not always try to look at the good but rather the bad. If you can follow my Pride and Prejudice reference I am more Elizabeth than Jane.

So comes to this link up. God has blessed me in so many ways in life, and I am constantly trying to remember that and to be thankful for all the things I have. I know that by thanking Him more and by realizing the small things so comes to us more joy. That is then what I am striving to do. It is always what I believe Sarah is trying to do as well. As the saying goes "Misery loves company" and I know that it I a blessing to know that I am not alone in striving to find Christ's joy. So stay tuned as I say what I am grateful for every week, and be patient with me. I am sure that in the beginning they may be a home, food..blah blah blah. But no matter what I am thankful, and that is the point!

I am going to dive in to this link up, and you all should finish reading and then go check Sarah out!
I am grateful for...
My family. I know that this one is the top thing that I take for granted. And I think that we all do. The people we care for and love the most are the ones we don't always tell that too. However, my parents and sister are my life. I love them completely, and I don't know where I would be with out them. My parents provide for me and take care of us. We have never gone without, and they do everything out of love.
A warm beverage. I love coffee, and I love tea. I really should live in England because tea time is my favorite! However, I know that in my other places having clean water is an amenity let alone having heated water. So I am thankful for the comfort that holding a warm drink brings.

The Weekly I AM GRATEFUL Link Up with A Girl Smitten
What are you thankful for today or this week?

Shop My Closet Event

Hello Ladies!

So as promised today I will be talking about the Shop My Closet Event that I had this past weekend. It was a lot of fun to put together, and I made a lot of money.

Now first I have to tell you this was not my own idea. Back in May I went to a friends event who was raising money for a missions trip to South East Asia. She had taken some of her clothes and hung them on clothes racks in her living room. She had an event on facebook and invited a bunch of people. When we got there we just shopped around what was set out for us. My sister and I got some pretty cool things, and it was a lot of fun.

With the move my mom, sister, and I had gone through our closets and had bags and boxes of stuff that we wanted to get rid of. We also had so much stuff that people had handed down to us that never fit us to begin with. As I was going through it all thinking about how my mom would sell it for 50 cents at the next garage sale I realized many of the clothes weren't that worn and brand names. They were totally worth more than 50 cents! So began my little event.

I started by making an event on facebook. If you click here you can see the event I made, and how I publicized about it. I invited all of the girls that lived in my area and I had my sister do the same. I did this about a week before my event. Since we had so much stuff I began pricing right away! I just used the little pins that a seamstress uses when hemming clothes and I just wrote prices on little pieces of paper. I did that for all of the shirts and pants, but for swim suits, bras, scarfs, and work out clothes I just made a set price.

Now to get the word out about the event I posted pictures of a few items that would be being sold at the event. I used this as a count down until the event so that way no one forgot about it. It also helped people to see the range of prices and sizes. I also knew that I myself have a tendency to ignore events on facebook, but I really pay attention to messages. So I went through and messaged the girls individually giving them a personal invite to shop my closet. I think that by doing this it really made the guests feel welcome, and more likely to come.

Here is a video that I also posted on instagram the day before the event after I was all set up.

Not as many girls showed up as I was expecting, but I think that also had to do with the time of the event. Most people were on vacation since it still is summer. I plan on doing another one during the school year.

If you girls do your own let me know how it goes or if you have any questions feel free to ask! Also tell me what you think of mine!

Clothes, Painting, and Dinners

Hi Friends!

Here's to another Monday! I still cannot believe that it is August already! This summer seems to have gone by so fast!

Saturday morning, I had a little event. It was called Shop my closet! Not as many people showed up as I expected, but I think that was because it is summer and a lot of my girlfriends were out of town. I am going to show you and explain it all tomorrow! So expect that to come your way!

This was a college I made and if you follow me on instagram then you have already seen it. Donny and I went into my work (on my day off I know!) and we painted mugs. It was a lot of fun! I love to paint, and even D said that it was relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot!


Saturday night my parents, D, and I all ate outside on our little back patio. We BBQ and it was lovely! The weather was perfect, and we saw so many birds. It was awesome!

Sunday morning, I worked and then went up to D's house. We played life and then watched the moving Finding Forrester. His parents are huge movie fanatics, and are giving me a movie education! Since we have been dating and even before that they have introduced to me to Remember the Titians, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. I know it is tragic that I have not seen all of these amazing movies, but I am enjoying watching all these movies I have never seen before!

I had a very lovely weekend. How was yours?



Dear Friday, First off I have to say I know I used this picture before, but I really like it so I think it might be sticking around for awhile! Anyway, I am indifferent to your arrival, and I do not mind if you come or go. I am happy though that it is one more weekend closer to getting back to school!

Dear Friday Night, I cannot wait to go see the Sound of Music tonight! I am so excited that it will be a family event, and seeing plays at the Redlands Bowl is really a favorite for me! However, I am sad that D is not joining me tonight :( I'll miss you baby!

Dear House, I am so ready for you to be set up already! There are still lots of boxes and I think they all need to go!

Life Lately...With Lots of Pictures!

Hello Dear Readers,

Today I am linking up with Heather for the life lately post. Just saying I have much more pictures this week, and I am proud of that!

My sister and I making tacos for lunch on Sunday. Wouldn't we make just adorable cooking show hosts?

My sister captured this picture of me trying to get a pitcher out of the cabinet. Yes, even in heels ( $20 at ross, heck yes!) I am still to short!

Who doesn't love Spumoni ice cream?! It is one of my favorite parts about eating at the Spaghetti Factory. We all went out here after seeing my sisters show on Sunday.

Tuesday a near by coffee place had its opening day! It is amazing and such a cute little place. The awesome thing is that the owners are Christian. I am so excited to be hanging out there more often!

D and I went on a double date last night to go see the movie Turbo. It was fun and the movie was just adorable!
So everyone, how are your weeks going? It is almost the weekend!! Any special plans?