Last Day of School

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! That is one of my best friends up there. Her name is Tori. We are both officially done with our freshman year of college! I am so excited! Tonight I got home from work and I did not have to stress about homework getting done or what is due the next day.

Freshman year went by so fast. I remember my freshman year of high school. I remember my 7th and 8th grade years. I remember 6th grade. It also seems like it was not so long ago and yet. I am a sophomore in college. That is just so strange to say!

This was Tori and me at orientation for CBU. Freshman year went by so fast. When you start high school everyone tells you it goes by so fast, and high school actually went by kind of slow to me. I could not wait to get out of that place. Or rather places since I had 4 different schools during that period of time.
BUT then when you start college people tell you the same thing. They say enjoy it because it will zoom on past. Well so far it has. Freshman year went by fast. Yet, as this year ended I am just super excited for sophomore year to come. My internship has made me so excited for the year to come and I would just like it to be here already!
Yet, as I sit here writing this I am reminded to enjoy the time that we have. Not to rush to the next part of life. Enjoy each day as God has given it to us.


Hello Friends!

Please expect a variety of pictures! All weekend I have tried my best to document what I did during those lovely two days.

Both days were very nice and relaxing! I really enjoyed them. They gave me a small taste of summer since I am so close to be finished with school. After today, I only have one more day of my freshman year. So weird!

Saturday I had to work on some homework. However, I could not let the beautiful 86 degree weather that we are having pass.

So I grabbed what I had to do and took it outside. Working on the computer in the sun though is not always the best idea. I made it work though, and powered through! Also, that is my dog Lucy, she wanted to be in the picture too.

I was also able to get some tanning time in. I was so happy to finally be able to lay out!
Saturday night I got into a random "I want to change my hair kick." If you do not know me you will soon understand that this tends to happen frequently. I dye my hair a lot! So I do not know about where you come from, but here in Southern Cali the ombre look is everywhere. I really like it, and I wanted to try it. Also, another fact! My mom is almost always the one dying my hair. We normally just use a box dye. It almost always works, with  some random crazy experiences. We tried it and it worked pretty well, but by Sunday morning I hated it and now I am back to being a brunette!

Right after we washed the bleach out of my hair Saturday night, I rushed over to a get together for my new internship. You can read about it here in my post Blessed to Be a Blessing. I had an awesome time, and I completely love being apart of this group.

Sunday, my family and Donny went to church, and after I enjoyed a nice day at home. My sister had a show and so my parents and I went to get ice cream. Then dad and I went on an adventure. We ended up coming home with a pool!

Now obviously this is a kiddie pool. But, now that we have moved we do not have our nice big pool to lay out by. So this is the next best thing! Plus, you have to admit it is super adorable! It was so fun to sit and just enjoy the weather.
Lucy really enjoyed our new pool as well!
Sunday night Donny came over and we all watched Star Wars.
I had a really nice enjoyable weekend. What do you all do?

Blessed to Be a Blessing

This post is not going to be a long one, and I will recap my events of the weekend later. I just have a really full heart and I felt that I should share with y'all.

Tonight was a dinner/get together for my new internship at CBU for their campus activities group. I have mentioned Community Life before (or I think I have). The little event or whatever you want to call it was named Pass The Torch. All of the new interns and staff came together with all of the graduating or leaving staff/interns and we hung out. It gave us a time to swap ideas or advice. Especially for us newbies. I found it very helpful, and slightly calming as I am extremely excited but also very nervous for the upcoming school year. The exiting interns gave us advice, and each newbie was given a gift of some sort, whether helpful or funny. It was all around a great evening.

However, I am not writing to tell you what an awesome time I had. I just feel extremely blessed to be apart of Community Life next year. As the night ended all of the next years interns sat in a circle and all of the exiting staff stood around us and prayed for us silently. Sitting there, head bowed, and eyes closed in that silence with two girls hands on my shoulders I could not help but think how blessed and thankful I am. These two girls I don't know are praying for me, earnestly praying for me. One is my boss and now new mentor, while the other is a girl I had just met a few days before. Yet, she is standing there praying for me and my new job. That is so incredible. I just sat there thanking the Lord. I am so amazed and still in awe of the fact that I got the position. Community Life as an office gets a lot of applications for their intern positions and yet I was chosen. Eight people got hired, and I am one of those eight. God has incredibly blessed me. I am just so thankful to be apart of this group.

So as I am now blessed to have a new sort of family, and a new group of friends I am brought back to the reason of my internship. In my Intro to Global Studies class this semester the saying "Blessed to Be a Blessing" came up. God blesses us as Christians so we may bless others. It is our way to show Christ's love to those around us. Now as I am blessed with my event planning internship, and as, I hope happens, many awesome events in the future. I want to bless others. I want the students, friends, and families who come to our events next year to be blessed by my blessing of planning that event for them. That is my goal. I hope I can show how much Christ has blessed me by giving me something to be apart of, and having a sense of belonging to some sort group to those around me.

I pray that in every situation that you are going in that you remember God has a blessing waiting for you. Even if it a blessing in disguise.

The Weekend Is Finally Here


Hello My Dear Friends,

First off, I am sorry for the horrible quality of the above picture. However, it is the best I could do in rushed circumstances. The photo was taken on my phone. I just wanted you all to see my cowgirl side. Tonight I went to Norco's Horse Week with my parents. It was a last minute decision to go with them, and I am very glad I made it. I had a blast! (more on that later..)

Now off to my Friday letters...

Dear Weather, I have yet to tan. This is regrettably said. I just want to be my nice dark self again. Can we please rearrange a time that I can relax and you can be warm. That would be nice. Thank you!

Dear School Year, Two more days....Two! That is all I have left in my freshman year of college. You went by very fast. I am very happy to see you go though. However, I am also happy to see the new year coming closer. It feels weird to think I am already one year down. I have the debt to prove it. I also have the knowledge though. Thank you for being as enjoyable as school can be.

Dear Donny, This week I want you to know I have appreciated you very much. From helping out at the CBU event, to coming over and watching a movie with me, and then to top it off surprising me with the Michael Buble CD. You really are the best and you bless me in so many ways. I am thankful that you are in my life.

Dear Mom and Dad, Norco Adult Night was fun. I hope next year during horse week we are actually living in Norco and I can participate. Maybe even with my own horse ;) I am glad I crashed your date tonight. Thank you for inviting me out with you guys. Love you!

one of the events at the arena. it is called hang man.

Dear Blogging Community, I appreciate the comments, and am thankful for those who are reading. It is so nice to know that people read. You all have been very nice and kind. Thank you.

Now I finally get to go enjoy my weekend. One more paper to write! Then I get to go borrow The Great Gatsby from the library. My goal is to read the book before the movie comes out.

What are your plans for the weekend?

its just me lately..


.....I have been seriously loving to much new music! There are so many good singles out. Hunter Hayes has a new single "I want crazy" and then I just heard Sara Bareilles' new single Brave. I love it! They are just all so good. Plus Michael Buble has a new CD out. How am I suppose to afford all of this awesome new music!

....I have been really trying to end the school year strong. I have exactly 2 days left and 2 papers to write. I am so excited for summer. I have a whole month where I just have work. I don't have to go to school or anything. I get to read and relax in the morning and go to work in the afternoon. I cannot wait.

....I have been loving the weather. It is hot and nice outside. I am very excited for summer. I cannot wait to wear shorts and be tan!

So now I need to go since that handsome man up that there is waiting for me to watch a movie.

I hope you all are having nice weeks!


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

shirt: forever 21
black jeans: forever 21
boots: reflection...a little store in our mall
my lovely little Paris socks!

I must first start this post off by saying I am so sorry for not posting something yesterday. It was such a busy day! I went from school, to work, to a CBU event that I had to help out at. It was so much fun!
My outfit of the day is one of those outfits that you fall back on. An outfit for those day when all you really want to wear is a sweatshirt, but the events for the day do not allow such clothing. It is an outfit that makes me feel somewhat comfortable, but is more suitable for when I have to see a bunch of people. Also, I am once again wearing that blush color that I love so dearly. And who is not loving the stripes that are so in right now!? I mean can I just get an Amen!?
One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone does not work hard. I have been taught from when I was very little that you do your very best. Colossians 3: 23-24 says "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." This is a verse my father taught my sister and me when we were very young. It has been a huge influence on my work ethic. Everything that I do, I strive to do it 100%. So this explains why I cannot stand it when people do not give their all in their jobs. Especially at work where they get paid for doing a job. I had so much fun last night at the event with my soon to be new coworkers. They were all so nice and kind, and they all worked very hard. There was never a time they were just standing around. Everyone did their job they were assigned. I am sure that as the new year commences that there will be some time that my new coworkers are not always hard working, but I am very excited since we are all paid to work hard and get the event running.
This being said I think a challenge is in order. I think that as Christians the above verse requires us to work our hardest. So my challenge is that as believers in Christ we work our hardest unto him.
I am sad to say I do not have any pictures from the night. I was so busy helping set up and tear down that I did not have any time. I must get much better at that!
What are some of your pet peeves?

pleated poppy mean chaos??

Hello Friends!

Welcome in Monday! or maybe it isn't so welcome.

Today is a nice start to the week for me. I hope it is for all of you! This week I get to cruise on by until the end of the school year. Yay! I have on more week left. I cannot wait to be on summer break.

This weekend has been so crazy! This move has been very interesting. My mom has said that we feel like we are in a hotel. It all feels very temporary, and I just cannot wait to feel somewhat normal again.

So Saturday moving in completely filled the day. Going back and forth from our, sad to say, old house to the new one. It is starting to feel better, and a bit more homey as the days pass, but I cannot wait until we officially have a permanent house.

Sunday, we unpacked more boxes in the morning and then Donny and I went to see my sister's play. She is Diana in Anne of Green Gables. She did wonderful, and we had so much fun watching it. I took Donny to the ice cream parlor in downtown Redlands. It was such a fun little date.

I am realizing I need to start taking more pictures of things to show you all! Anyone have any tips?

Today I got to bike ride to class!

It was so much fun and it only took 9 min! I had a blast. It was a nice little ride by myself, and I found it pretty relaxing. Also, I should say that everybody calls that my Barbie bike...I just like the color pink okay!

There ya go, that is my weekend! What did you do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting?

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Moving Day!

Moving day! You  are finally here. Yes, today I woke in one room, in one house, and am now going to sleep in a different room. A different room, in a different house, in a different neighborhood.

the view I saw as I woke up. a very blank wall

Now mind you this rental house is only 3.2 miles from our old house (I may or may not have mapped it on my phone). However the neighbor hood, the people, and everything else feels very different.
This is a new adventure. That is what my parents keep calling it. And, in all honesty, they are right. It is a new adventure. However, the effort and strength that has gone into today all only to get us in to this temporary rental does not excite me. Knowing that soon we will have to do it all again. The boxes, the stress, and the moving. The great thing is that once I pack again it will be for a permanent home instead of trying to not unpack a box of stuff that we may not need all in fear of having to repack it.

the man and me. thank you for all the help moving Donny!
I am trying to look at the bright side of everything. I can say the move went well. We only had one little hiccup along the way (who knew that the refrigerator's wheel had fallen off!? sorry dings in the will be fixed soon). For only the small hiccup we can thank the Lord for. There are many worse things that could have been broken or someone who could have gotten hurt. So that is great! The house is cute, very small, but it is cute. I also have my room set up in a decent way. There is only one box that is left in my room. For that I am grateful.
I am sad though. Seeing my empty room was hard.
I do know that no matter how long we have to stay here, 21 days or 5 months, God has a plan in it all. That is what I am trusting in. Thank you Lord for always seeing the bigger picture then what I can see in the right here and right now. Thank you Lord for always having your hand on the situation. It is nice knowing that we can trust in that. I pray for the safety of my family and new home tonight as we are in a neighborhood that we know nothing about. All of your prayers for my family are greatly appreciated.
Now I am off to bed. I am exhausted after a long day of lifting, and I only did the light stuff compared to the men who helped!


Pretending It is Summer Time

top: target
shorts: no mom made them from pants
shoes: sperrys
Today I am acting like it is summer! I have the day off of work, and am in shorts. Finally! It is suppose to be warm enough today, and I am so excited!
Dear Moving Day, you are finally here...I am not sure if I am excited or upset about this. I will definitely miss our wonderful yellow house that I have lived in for so long, but I am very interested in what the future will bring.
Dear New Rental Home, you are very small, but I am going to do my best to make you as homey as possible. However I can say I really hope my family will not be in you long.
Dear Sissy, Thank you for staying up and helping me study last night. You are the best, and it made me feel better about my final today. I appreciate you.
Dear Summer Weather, Please stay longer! I am ready to get my tan on!
Dear Shirt from Target, I am so happy I found you. That is my absolutely favorite color. Also my nails match you right now.
So moving day is around the corner. If you have any tips please give them to us! I would really appreciate all the help that I can get!
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Guest Post and Product Review

Hello Friends!
Today we are having a guest blogger. My friend Kelsey! She does not have a blog herself, but she asked me if I would ever do product reviews. I told her I would, but she already had an idea of what she wanted to talk about so I told her to go ahead!
Here is the wonderful Kelsey!
Hey everyone! As Mariah said above my name is Kelsey. I love to hike, paint (mostly oil), go to thrift stores, surf, play any sport, and have random adventures with my amazing and fun boyfriend.  I go to Cal Poly Pomona and hope to graduate in the next two years.  Anyways enough about me. 
I recently have been branching out of my regular buying routine for beauty products and have discovered some really bad ones…we won’t mention those…and a few gems. One being Tresemme split end remedy leave-in conditioner. 

My hair is long and thin which makes for a tangley mess when I go to brush it. I’m also obsessed with having soft hair. Who isn’t?! So when looking for a leave-in conditioner I want something that not only helps me brush it out before styling but also makes it smooth and healthy looking. I have tried dove, garnier fructis, biologe (very expensive btw), sauve, and anything else you can think of and nothing comes close to this miracle worker.  I have recently moved out of my parent’s house and now live on my own and absolutely love it.  The only draw back is that my new place has very hard water.  I’ve tried everything to get it back to its silky self and nothing worked.  Then I tried this and my hair feels AMAZING!! It’s a cream in a pump and smells super good.  I apply two or three pumps while hair is still damp after showering. I start a few inches away from my roots and work my way down making sure most of it is on the ends. Then when I scrunch my hair I put it everywhere because my hair tends to get frizzy when I let it be its wild self. Straight, curly, wavy, or air dried my hair looks and feels great.
I definitely recommend this to girls with any hair type.  Whelp there you go ladies. I hope it works as good for you as it did for me!! Thanks for reading!
Please comment below and tell us what you think about this product or any other posts that you would like to see!
Mariah & Kelsey

Oh, Pinterest

Hello Friends!
I am trying to be incredibly busy, and write my papers today. Sadly, I did not have time to show you a what I wore Wednesday. Instead I am doing a Pinteresting Wednesday. You can follow me on pinterest here. Also if you like the pins that I do pin them from here! So here it goes!

just to drop some hints of what I like for the man ;)
Totally love this! I love tea. I drink it almost every night.
 This looks amazing and I want to make it. I love fruit, and I love cinnamon chips. So to me this is just like a double yum!
This is what I used on my hair today

Last but not least. I loved this quote. One, the design is just plain awesome. Two, it is just really true. How often do we miss the beauty and life that is going on around us all because we are looking straight down at our phones. My family eats dinner without phones. We are not even allowed to have them on top of the table and I think this is awesome. It keeps the focus where it needs to be. Donny and I do the same on our dates. Our focus shouldn't always be our phones, but the people around us.
Well that's my pinteresting Wednesday! Tomorrow be on the look out a good friend of mine is going to guest blog about a hair product that she is loving! Come check it out!


shirt: oniel
white shirt: forever 21
scarf: forever 21
jeans: hollister

Hello Friends!
I am exhausted. Between work and school and this move I am not sleeping well, and all I want is a night to relax where my school books, and a blank word document, that is just reminding me of the papers due, at bay. I want it all to go away! The boxes, the work, and the chaos.
In the midst of all this business, and stress I am realizing there are little things that give me a sense of calm and peace. For me it is the moment of silence in the shower when you can just stand there with the water running waiting for God to reveal himself to you. Or the few moments after you have turned off the alarm in the morning and you can lay in bed with silence all around you before you start the day before you. I find God and His wonderful peace in those moments. He reminds me like in my devotion today that He is bigger than even my longest paper or the biggest box.
So friends what do you do in your time of stress and chaos to have at least a few moments of relaxation or peace and quiet? What reminds you that God is large and in charge?