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Hello Friends!
Today we are having a guest blogger. My friend Kelsey! She does not have a blog herself, but she asked me if I would ever do product reviews. I told her I would, but she already had an idea of what she wanted to talk about so I told her to go ahead!
Here is the wonderful Kelsey!
Hey everyone! As Mariah said above my name is Kelsey. I love to hike, paint (mostly oil), go to thrift stores, surf, play any sport, and have random adventures with my amazing and fun boyfriend.  I go to Cal Poly Pomona and hope to graduate in the next two years.  Anyways enough about me. 
I recently have been branching out of my regular buying routine for beauty products and have discovered some really bad ones…we won’t mention those…and a few gems. One being Tresemme split end remedy leave-in conditioner. 

My hair is long and thin which makes for a tangley mess when I go to brush it. I’m also obsessed with having soft hair. Who isn’t?! So when looking for a leave-in conditioner I want something that not only helps me brush it out before styling but also makes it smooth and healthy looking. I have tried dove, garnier fructis, biologe (very expensive btw), sauve, and anything else you can think of and nothing comes close to this miracle worker.  I have recently moved out of my parent’s house and now live on my own and absolutely love it.  The only draw back is that my new place has very hard water.  I’ve tried everything to get it back to its silky self and nothing worked.  Then I tried this and my hair feels AMAZING!! It’s a cream in a pump and smells super good.  I apply two or three pumps while hair is still damp after showering. I start a few inches away from my roots and work my way down making sure most of it is on the ends. Then when I scrunch my hair I put it everywhere because my hair tends to get frizzy when I let it be its wild self. Straight, curly, wavy, or air dried my hair looks and feels great.
I definitely recommend this to girls with any hair type.  Whelp there you go ladies. I hope it works as good for you as it did for me!! Thanks for reading!
Please comment below and tell us what you think about this product or any other posts that you would like to see!
Mariah & Kelsey

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