Comfort Color

Hello My Friends!

How are you all today? If someone is asking I am good! Tomorrow is Friday!! I cannot wait! AND I have 8 pages done! Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!

So today is the third day this week that I have worn white...Monday it was a ruffle white shirt, Tuesday a white sweatshirt, and today just a plain ol' white V-neck. I have come to realize that white is my comfort color. This week has been crazy with all my homework, and with the move. I have not been sleeping all that well. So I guess when I need to feel comfortable I go to the white part of my closet (yes my clothes are color coordinated).

shirt- a boys white V-neck...the kind you can get in a pack at target
jeans- Hollister jeggings
cardigan- Hollister
necklace- a present from my best friend
Do you guys have comfort colors? Or maybe one outfit you go to when you just need to feel good? That V-neck is mine!
Hope you all have a wonderful end to your weeks! God Bless,

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