Weekend Recap

I haven't done a weekend recap in awhile now. This is because my weekends have been pretty boring and filled with work. However some very exciting things happened this weekend!

Friday night I just worked...blah! 

Saturday morning my family had a yard sale. We were totally blessed because the hot weather stayed away and the clouds made it some what nice! THEN Saturday afternoon/evening Michael came home!! This is something I have been waiting for since he left! I met him at his aunt and uncles where he was spending the night. We just hung out there with his family which was very nice. I missed him and am so happy he is home safe!

Sunday morning I had to work...another blah, maybe even a little bigger since it made me miss church. After work Michael took me out to a movie and dinner. We saw the new Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. I thought it was pretty good! Groot was my favorite! 

All weekend the weather was overcast, humid, and it even rained a bit! So after dinner we came back to my house and sat outside with my family just to enjoy the weather. It was a lovely way to end my week! 

How was your weekend? What did you do?

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