Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I am very excited for the weekend! It has been one busy week and the idea of not really having a lot to do is exciting.

Dear TWIRP Week, We have two more events and then you are over. I would say you went pretty well this year. Not to mention it was really nice to be able to take my boyfriend to all the events. I have had a really good time.

Dear School, It seems like everyone else is having such a hard time this semester, and yet I feel like I am just breezing by. With two days not having classes the weeks seem to drag and so far I have had plenty of time for homework. Hopefully I can help out other people and make their lives a little easier.

Dear Michael, You leave Sunday for Washington for a week...You already know how jealous I am, but I figured I would make it clear one more time. So enjoy your 70 degree weather while I boil up here in the 90's. I know you are working, but I hope you get to have at least a little fun! I'll miss you while you are gone.

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