25 by 25

As many of you may know, is is something I have mentioned on this blog before, but my 20th birthday is coming up tomorrow! Today is my last day being a teenager...ever...that feels so strange! I have been considering doing this for awhile now, and I have decided I am going to go for it. If you do not know what this is let me explain. I have made a list of 25 things that I want to do by the time I turn 25. It is sort of like a bucket list. As you can see I don't have all 25 yet. It was a lot harder to come up with them than I expected. It has made me realize how much I have already done in my life! If anyone has anything that they think I should add please share! I will be updating my list as the years go by, as I come up with more to add to the list, and as I complete each item. So here's my list!

1.Get married
3.Have a child
4.Learn to drive stick
5.By a house
6.Back pack Europe
7.Learn French
8.Meet at least one blog friend in real life
9.Get a French Macaroon from France
10.Put a lock on the love lock bridge in Paris
11.Get a tattoo
12.Have a pen pal
13.Have thanksgiving dinner at my own house and cook the entire meal
14.Invest in 10 beautiful coffee table books
15.See a Taylor Swift concert
16.Watch a sunrise from the east somewhere
17. Go to a Disneyland/world not in California
18. Go on a rode trip
19. Go on a sail boat
20. See the real castles that the Disney castles are based off of
21. Donate blood
22. Go to the Kentucky Derby

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