Dear Friday, This week wasn't all that stressful to be honest! I am very thankful for that! However, I am so happy for the weekend. There's just something glorious to know that it is Friday and I have no obligations. 

Dear School, There are less than 30 days left of classes.This terrifies me. I feel like I should be way more stressed than I am, and since I am not stressed it is stressing me out. I feel like I am missing something and it is all of the sudden happen upon me and I am going to freak out! Let's hope that does't happen and I just get to enjoy each and every step of the way.

Dear Dating, I'm still not such a huge fan of you yet. Everyone talks about how much fun dating is and I just don't feel this yet. I am trying to enjoy this process as much as possible. Hopefully that enjoyment will start soon. 

Dear Best Friends, I miss you both very much! You both are just too busy. Slow down and lets hang out!

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