Today is a blah day. I am incredibly tired, and I think I am getting a cold. So here's a quick post that I got from A Girl Smitten who got Pip. I think its a cute way to let you know what I'm up to.

Making: a pouty face about how much I don't want to work or be at school
Cooking: mac and cheese...well technically I am just warming it up in the microwave, but you get the idea
Drinking: my water!
Reading: other blogs. Blogs make me happy!
Wanting: new boots. I want a pair of flat footed tall ones, and new combat boots.
Looking: at all the other college students around me in our school cafe right now. What can I say? I people watch.
Playing: Coeur De Pirate. For some reason French music and fall seem to just go hand in hand. Plus I find it really calming.
Wasting: time I guess. Time that I could be doing other things, but I just want to relax.
Sewing: a quilt...that I have been sewing since my freshman year of high school so I do not think that really counts.
Wishing: for colder weather...have I mentioned that yet?
Enjoying: college life, and having something to do.
Waiting: for a break or a day off of school and homework.
Liking: all the new wooden signs I am finding on pinterest! Craft day anyone?
Wondering: what the weekend holds
Loving: fall colors!

Hoping: for D to get a better job.
Marvelling: at how fast life goes by!
Needing: a nice hot cup of tea!
Smelling: nothing really...
Wearing: a t-shirt and jeans. Today was my bum it day.
Following: Zipped
Noticing: how much my professor talk
Knowing: that God is in control no matter what!
Thinking: how much I miss my boyfriend!
Bookmarking: I don't bookmark I follow on maybe this one should be more blogloved?

Opening: new work e-mails.
Giggling: with my best friend last night. So fun!
Feeling: tired...oh so tired.

So there's what I have been up to! If you have another question comment below and I'll answer! I love hearing from you all!

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