Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

Are you a cup half full type person? or a cup half empty?

I am a cup half empty...I know...that is probably something you don't go around telling people? I mean saying "Hello! I'm Mariah and I look at the negative side of life" That doesn't exactly give the best impression now does it? Well here I am telling all of you that I am negative. I have a horrible tendency to look at the negative instead of the positive.

But hey! The first step to change is recognition right? Well I know that I tend to be an Eeyore (yes, my parents actually call me Eeyore sometimes). I tend to just not care "Oh bother!" or I just see things more sad than happy "Oh look my tail fell off."

This is something that I am working on though! I try, I try so hard to look at the good things. I am an extremely blessed person, and I should really look at these amazing blessing that I have been given.

Today I had this crazy light bulb moment. I was simply walking to class (in the was cold today!) and thinking hey, today has been a pretty good day. Which is something that doesn't normally go through my head. To me days go by a neutral. They are neither good nor bad. Nothing exciting happens, but nothing terrible. I seem to describe them as blah. Just plain blah. However, my light bulb moment was that why do I not look at things as good? If I have the outlook going into something as this is going to be good then if nothing bad happens it is good!

It seems to be that when I go into class, or work for the day I just do it. I don't think anything of it. I just do the work and when it's over that's it. Yet, I realized that if I actually start a job or task as something to enjoy then I actually enjoy it!

Amazing right? Something so simply as just being enjoying life is so hard sometimes for a person like me. So here's to looking at the bright side of life. To enjoying things from the very beginning!

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  1. Great reminders! And awesome how the Lord showed you this. I think everyone should read this. It would truly change their whole way of life. Choose joy!!!